How to Mount Screws to Stucco

Mounting screws to exterior stucco is similar to mounting a screw to masonry or brick. Stucco is a hard material that is applied to the exterior of a house, which takes the place of siding. Mounting a screw to this material will require making a hole, but a screw that is driven directly into stucco will not hold adequately and may fall out over time if not properly attached.

Stucco is a hard exterior material that is similar to cement.

Step 1

Mark the location of the screw on the stucco with a pencil or felt-tip marker.

Step 2

Hold your drill with a masonry drill bit at the mark and perpendicular to the outside wall so the hole will go straight in.

Step 3

Drill very slowly into the stucco, which prevents the stucco from chipping. Blow into the hole to remove dust and debris.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of caulk to the inside of the hole.

Step 5

Place a screw anchor into the pre-drilled hole. Tap the end of the anchor to gently force it into the hole.

Step 6

Insert a screw into the anchor and tighten it with a drill with a screwdriver bit or use a screwdriver. Leave the head sticking out of the stucco far enough to accommodate what you want to hang from the screw, such as wire or a plant hanger.