Use a Sponge Mop to Clean Outside Windows

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Getting your outside windows clean can be quite the chore.


This easy DIY window washing method and cleaning solution is one of the best ways to get grime and buildup off of the outside of your dirty windows and leave them streak-free. By using an inexpensive sponge mop, you can reach the tops of your exterior windows with ease, and the sponge helps clean the corners too. The dish liquid helps break up dirt and debris with ease, and the vinegar will help give your glass windows a streak-free shine. No hard water stains here. (This is the only glass cleaner you'll need!)

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Things You'll Need

Step 1

Fill your bucket with hot water.

Step 2

Add dish liquid and vinegar and stir together to create a soapy water window cleaning solution.

Step 3

Dip mop in bucket and get it nice and soaked.


Step 4

Use the mop to wash windows. Make sure to get in the corners and scrub off any dirt and debris. Rewet the mop after each window.

Step 5

Use a garden hose to rinse windows. Squeegee and paper towels optional to wipe any drips on the window sills or window tracks, but not necessary. Enjoy your streak-free windows!



Use the window cleaner to wash and rinse two dirty windows at a time to keep the soap from drying on the windows.

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