The Best Small Kitchen Islands and Microwave Carts on Amazon

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Storage in a small kitchen is key. How else can you keep up your colorful glassware collection, buy that air fryer and coffee maker you've been eyeing, and still have space for all of those pantry staples you can't live without? Answer: Small kitchen islands (also called microwave carts). These nifty space-savers allow you to have that extra storage and organization so you can seamlessly move about the kitchen.


To ensure you choose the right microwave cart or small island, make sure the dimensions are ideal for your kitchen size — you'll want it to be about 25% (or less) of the rest of your kitchen. The ideal microwave cart will be multifunctional, allowing you to use it for a multitude of kitchen gadgets, and of course, match the aesthetic of your small kitchen.

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To help, we rounded up six of our favorite microwave carts and kitchen islands so you can turn your space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Best for Small Spaces

This multipurpose mini island is ideal when your kitchen is compact. With a slide-out drawer, minimalist top, and smooth-rolling wheels, you can place this piece wherever it makes the most sense. Natural wood coloring and neutral features allow this cart to fit with a variety of design styles, including modern design and farmhouse homes. And with lockable wheels, you can enjoy versatility but ensure it stays put when you find the correct spot.


Best for Storage Space

This cart goes way beyond holding a microwave or cutting board along with multiple shelves, hooks, and extra top shelf space. Those S shape hooks can hold utensils, towels, and accessories so you can grab things mid-recipe with ease. Plus, with lockable wheels, it's easy to transport and function optimally when you find its home.


Best for College Students

Ah, college — when microwaves were a savior and finding storage space among six roommates was a challenge, to say the least. This microwave cart has a vertical space that can hold a variety of mugs, glassware, utensils, kitchen gadgets, and pots. Four tiers of spacious shelves, rolling wheels, a variety of side hooks, and quick assembly are just a few reasons why this piece is a must-have.


Best for Versatility

If you're a chef who wants a kitchen cart that does it all, we found your ideal piece. It includes a side towel rail, wide utensil drawer, and a large two-door cabinet with a shelf, so you can store your dry goods and spices within arm's reach and tuck away anything else you don't use often inside.



Best Traditional

If all of these thin, wiry carts are not your style, this elegant island is what you need. If your kitchen skews traditional or even Scandinavian, this option will seamlessly blend in. Store your goods in the main cabinet and use the three drawers, side shelf, and hooks for those small, easy-to-misplace items. With ample space inside, you have the perfect nook for your microwave or other small kitchen gadgets.


Best Industrial

This stunning piece triples as a microwave cart, coffee station, and conversation starter. With both shelves to show off your best mugs and drawers to organize your gadgets, this piece is sure to completely elevate your kitchen or dining room. And the beautiful wood finish adds a touch of warmth to the strong industrial elements. Get ready for people to gather around this central piece in your kitchen.



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