The Best Outdoor Torches to Light Up the Night

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Every backyard needs mood lighting, so why not turn up the heat on your outdoor lighting game with a few torches? Not only do outdoor torches add ambiance to your backyard, but they're also functional and can be used to ward off bugs.


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"Outdoor torches and candles help to create a beautiful outdoor evening scene and illuminate areas in style to create attractive focal points in yards, gardens, and more," Gary McCoy, a Lowe's store manager serving the Charlotte, North Carolina, market, tells Hunker. "What's great about torches is that they don't require electrical power like light posts, so there's no need for bulky cables and outlets and [they] can help repel unwanted pests, such as mosquitos."


The Best Outdoor Torches

Whether you want a torch for bug-free backyard fun or a more modern design, these are the best outdoor torches to deck out your backyard and transform your next party into an unforgettable night under the stars.

1. Best Overall Outdoor Torch: TIKI Brand Adjustable Flame Glass Torch, $27.28

Want a versatile option with a real flame to light up your outdoor space? Try this three-in-one TIKI Brand glass torch from Lowe's. It has a sleek glass and metal design with four pieces to switch it up between a full-size 65-inch torch, mid-size 50-inch garden torch, and 8-inch tabletop torch. This pick has a 12-hour burn time, works with mosquito repellent torch fuel, and has an adjustable flame and metal snuffer.


Get a resort-style look with these outdoor solar lights from Wayfair. Powered by the sun, these 54-inch solar torch lights have a realistic, dancing flames design emitted through LED lights. This set has a convenient "dusk-to-dawn" function that automatically turns the torches on at dusk and turns them off when the sun comes up. They're also easy to set up and only require attaching the poles to the torch head and staking them to the ground.


When you think of outdoor torches, you're most likely thinking of the classic bamboo style with a natural flame that's perfectly suited for backyard parties and outdoor gatherings. Made from all-natural, renewable bamboo, each torch is 57 inches tall and is treated to be durable and weather resistant. With a fiberglass wick, each torch has five hours of burn time and has a wide-mouth canister that makes refilling a breeze.


Up your outdoor decor with a pop of color with these height-adjustable glass torches from Amazon. With four pole sections, the torches can range in height from 25 inches to 66 inches and can be placed in the ground or on an outdoor patio railing with deck clamps. This torch set also comes with metal snuffer caps, so you can put out the flames safely.


Elevate your outdoor lighting with this modern, stainless steel torch set from Pottery Barn. At 60 inches tall, each torch has a beautiful, sleek design with a snuffer attached to it.


Perfect for BBQs and dinners outside, these 6.5-inch table torches come in a fun pineapple design with gold pineapple leaf tops that are actually snuffers. Not only do they double as centerpieces with serene flickering flames, but they also have six hours of burn time.


Whether you live in the desert or want to channel desert vibes, these cactus torches are exactly what your outdoor space needs. Made from rust-resistant metal, these heavy-duty torches look realistic and can withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour. You can also get them in a larger size, too.


8. Best Outdoor Torch for Bugs: Deco Home Garden Metal Torches (set of 4), $49.99

Keep mosquitoes and bugs away with these weather-resistant, 60-inch metal torches. They're compatible with citronella or regular outdoor torch oil and have a burn time of over six hours.


9. Best Outdoor Torch for Pathways: Permande Solar Torch Lights (set of 8), $68.99

A safer alternative to torches with real flames, these pathway lights are solar-powered and provide a soft glow as you walk through your yard at night. Made with IP65 waterproof ABS material, they're both weather resistant and durable to last throughout all the seasons.

What to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Torch

When shopping for outdoor torches, you're first going to want to think about where you'll use them. If you're going to use them on a patio set, opt for a tabletop torch that you can put on an outdoor dining table. If you want to light up your garden or walkway, try garden torches. And if you like to entertain outdoors and need a good amount of light throughout your space, try taller torches.

Also consider what kind of torch you want, as they can be solar powered or fueled by oil. If you're worried about mosquitoes, McCoy suggests opting for a citronella torch to keep pests away. Plus, they produce little smoke. But if you want a relatively low-maintenance, fire-free design, try solar-powered torches.

How to Take Care of Outdoor Torches

The key to getting the longest use from your outdoor torches (or any outdoor furniture and accessories) is to take the extra steps to maintain them properly. Even with durable and weather resistant material, McCoy recommends storing the torches in a dry environment when you're not using them. You should also cover the torch wicks when they're not in use and frequently check the fuel levels for optimal burning time.


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