These Monochromatic Fireplaces Will Inspire You to Paint

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There are lots of reasons you might want to paint a fireplace. Maybe you never use it, but it can turn into an eye-catching decor moment. Or, perhaps you've already painted it but want to shake things up and try something new.


One approach we love is going with a monochromatic look. Instead of wasting leftover paint, use the same color on your walls and fireplace. The tone-on-tone look can really help set the mood.

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How to paint your fireplace

Don't know where to start? We asked the experts for some insight. Most importantly, you want to make sure you're using the right type of paint for your fireplace area.

"If you're painting around a fireplace where heat is minimal, any interior BEHR paint will get the job done well," Octave Villar, section manager at Behr Paint Company, told Hunker. "We recommend selecting a sheen that blends in with your surrounding surfaces or selecting a differing sheen if you're looking for the fireplace surround to stand out against nearby walls and trim."


There are a couple of other tools you'll need — for starters, you should have primer on hand. John Golamco, product manager at KILZ Primers, tells Hunker that a product like the brand's Original Interior Primer can help "with color vibrancy, paint adhesion, sealing, and stain blocking." You can also pick primers that help with other household issues, like moisture — both KILZ Kitchen & Bath and KILZ Mold & Mildew are good for that, says Golamco.


Monochromatic fireplace ideas

Below, we're sharing some inspiration for your own chic fireplace.

1. Choose a romantic shade of gray.

If you're into a minimalist, toned-down aesthetic, we totally understand. Incorporate your fireplace into your color palette by choosing a subdued tone. Get this look with Farrow & Ball's Ash Grey, part of the brand's Colour by Nature palette.



2. Go for a moody, deep green.

Sarah Fultz Interiors transformed this den by making tweaks like swapping out the ceiling light with a three-pronged midcentury modern fixture. The star of the show is the green paint, of course. Fultz used Behr's Alpine Trail to create this look; while it's definitely a deep shade, Fultz says that the sheen also helps natural light bounce off the walls.


3. Embrace a classic, mysterious blue.

This bold space looks like it could be the backdrop of a period piece. There's a decidedly classic yet fresh look in the way that the hue envelops the fireplace, trim, wall, and door. For a twist, the interior of the fireplace is painted in black. You can recreate this look with Farrow & Ball's Pitch Blue.


4. Choose a greige look.

A neutral look can still make an impact, as proven by this greige fireplace area. The black accents and colorful decor stand out even more against this soothing hue. Use colors like Sherwin-Williams' Perfect Greige, pictured here, to bring this subtle look to life.


5. Add just a touch of color.

This chic example falls more under the two-tone paint trend, but we love the way it wraps around the wall. It's also a good alternative if you don't want to commit to painting the entire area one color. To achieve the look, you can grab Benjamin Moore's October Mist for the touch of green, and pair with plants, green decor, and framed wall art.



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