Black Friday Deal Alert: Grab a Robot Vacuum (Yes, a Robot Vacuum) for Everyone on Your Gift List

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Fact: Everyone loves a clean house. Also a fact: Finding the time to clean your home as thoroughly or as often as you'd like can be a struggle.


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The solution? A robot sidekick, of course. It sounds like sci-fi, but we're serious: Roborock's robot vacuums and mops deliver next-level clean with zero effort on your part. They're even equipped with voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri Shortcuts to ​really​ make cleaning hands-free.

Sound like something you or your loved ones would be into? Then you'll be excited to learn that almost every model is on sale from November 25 to 29 for Black Friday. To help you decide which one might work best for you or the cleaning lover on your list, we rounded up a list of the eight models we're eyeing.


1. S7, $649.99 $454.99

When you're looking for ways to gain more time in the day, deputizing cleaning to the S7 (30% off for Black Friday) just makes sense. With sonic mop technology that scrubs up to 3,000 times per minute and patented VibraRise technology, you'll be able to reduce your cleaning time without the hassle of changing settings for different surfaces.


2. S7+, $949.98 $719.99

After hours of cleaning, what's one thing you put off doing? If you said emptying the vacuum filter, then the S7+ (24% off) can put that concern to rest. With all the features of the S7 plus an auto-empty dock that can go up to eight weeks without requiring manual emptying, it knocks one more step off your cleaning to-do list. And everyone can appreciate a gift like that. (FYI: If you aren't able to snag an S7+ during the Black Friday sale, you can get an S7 and an Auto-Empty Dock to bring home all the same features as the S7+!)


3. S4 Max, $429.99 $279.99

Shopping for someone with a large home (who probably doesn't like lugging a vacuum from room to room)? The S4 Max (30% off during the Black Friday sale) is a high-tech game changer. They can program it with up to four different maps — one for every level of the house — and then schedule cleanups based on time of day, room, and more. Nothing comes closer to having a real-life cleaning assistant.


4. S5 Max, $549.99 $379.99

Want a hand with vacuuming ​and​ mopping? No problem. The S5 Max (30% off) is the gift for the job. With a water tank big enough to mop a 700sqft apartment three times, the ability to set invisible barriers around carpeted areas, and the option to switch to vacuum mode, it can make floors of all types shine.


5. S6 MaxV, $749.99 $459.99

When there are little ones at home, you never know what mess you'll have to face. But you or your giftee can feel prepared with the S6 MaxV (38% off during the sale). The twin cameras (that can see in the dark!) not only help it avoid small objects like children's toys, but will also allow owners to view their homes remotely through the app — in case they want to check in on their pet or any unexpected visitors while they're away.


6. S6 Pure, $599.99 $359.99

For the people who want their home to be a quiet oasis (no vacuum noise, please), the S6 Pure is the choice for them. It's 50% quieter than the S5 series, and 40% off during the sale.


7.​ ​E4 Mop, $379.99 $219.99

When you have wood or tile floors, maintaining a polished finish can require a lot of time and energy — especially if you have pets. If you're shopping for a pet owner or you have a furry friend at home, the E4 Mop will make your cleaning routine less strenuous. With suction power that automatically increases for carpet surfaces, internal mapping that tracks where it's been, and other cleaning features, you can sit back and relax knowing that each corner of your floor will appear good as new. Grab it for 42% off during the sale.


8.​ ​H7, $499.99 $359.99

Stick vacuum devotees can attest: Cordless vacuums are a game-changer, especially in frequently messy areas like the kitchen, and ​especially​ if kids are involved. The rechargeable H7 (which is 28% off during the sale) has a 90-minute battery life and recharges quickly, so they'll always have it at the ready for unexpected messes.


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