How Do I Know When Roomba Is Finished?

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You don't have to be around for Roomba to work, unlike a conventional vacuum.

The Roomba is a small, robotic vacuum cleaner manufactured by iRobot Corp. It uses infrared technology to learn a room's size. Once it has done this, it goes over almost every inch of the floor to clean up dirt and debris. You can begin a cleaning cycle with the Roomba and it will vacuum your floor without you having to be there. If you do wander away, however, you may have questions as to whether it finished with the cleaning cycle.


Step 1

Place the Roomba in its home base charger and plug the charger into the wall. If the Roomba battery power is low, an amber light will begin to flash, charging the battery.

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Step 2

Press the "Clean" button when the charging battery turns from amber to green. This signifies that the battery is fully charged. After the "Clean" button is pressed, the Roomba will begin a cleaning cycle.


Step 3

Allow the Roomba to wander around the room, vacuuming the floor the entire time. It will locate dust and dirt with a "dirt sensor" which is built into the unit.

Step 4

Watch the Roomba return to its home base charging station automatically. Once the Roomba returns to home base, the cleaning cycle has been completed and your floor has been vacuumed. This process usually takes 25 minutes for an average size room, but can take more or less depending on the size and shape of the room you are cleaning.

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