I Got Decor Tips Based on My Astrological Sign — Here's What I Learned

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There are lots of ways to tackle your home decor, but furniture brand Article recently tapped into a very specific guiding principle: your astrological sign.


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The company surveyed 2,000 Americans to get some insight into how the zodiac might influence the way we decorate our homes. Looking at the results, there are definitely some interesting insights — take, for example, that 40% of Scorpios are "most likely to spend time gathering in the kitchen." On the other hand, 49% of Geminis "value having an outdoor space or backyard." Overall, the survey found that "Aries are most confident in their interior design skills" and that 62% of Cancer signs are "more open to trying new home decor trends."


Curious about how my own signs might influence my home space, I did a mini-reading with astrologer and author Mecca Woods, who analyzed my Sagittarius sun, Virgo rising, and Virgo moon in connection with what I might need from a space. (Article arranged the mini-reading, which took place over Zoom.)

"When you have a moon in Virgo, even though the Sag might like wild colors and bright prints, it's kind of like 'but, I also have to make sure that I have places to put things.' Storage space is a big deal," Woods said. "Sag is the sign of abundance and opportunities. We like things in bulk, or large pieces ... But we also want it to be functional."


This made total sense to me, considering that I have a gallery wall right above my desk with lots of pinks and purples — but I hate when my desktop is messy. I have my books organized with bookstands; I keep my pens, always, in their holder; I move things to their proper place when I get stressed (often thinking, why is this hair tie or this kitchen cloth here, get it out!).

Woods had some suggestions for how I might maximize my work space (aka my desk in my bedroom), too.


"Because you're a Sag and you have those Virgo placements, bringing more of like that airy, light, bright feeling into the home can be really good for both in terms of like relaxation, but also work," Woods said.

This made total sense to me, since I've lately been concentrating better at the dining table or couch, both of which are closer to the windows than my desk.


"With you having your desk in your bedroom — maybe in your bed space, [think about] having colors that are earth tones, for example, especially because you are a Virgo rising with a Virgo moon," Woods said. "That earthiness helps to feel like more grounded, more safe, more chill, more relaxed ... because when you have a Virgo moon, your mind is just constantly on."

I absolutely heard that last part, as someone who is constantly trying to catch up on my to-do list. Woods says that turning to your zodiac can help alleviate anxiety about where to start if you want to refresh your space, or you're moving into a new one.


"A big thing for people since last year [was] 'how do I make my home more comfortable? How do I make it more functional?' Especially if you're sharing space with other people, if they are working from home," Woods said. "Astrology — [people] knowing their chart and knowing what they like — can be really helpful in being able to map that out because I think sometimes people can get really overwhelmed when it comes to trying to figure that stuff out."


In the end, the Article survey definitely found some similarities across the board, no matter the sign. The findings show that "more than three in five (63%) said their family is the go-to resource for interior design advice." It seems plenty of people are turning to their loved ones for tips on how to make their space more chic.

You can see the full results here.


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