Budget-Friendly Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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While your wedding guests are probably thrilled to celebrate the union between you and your partner, they often invest money in things like your wedding gift, an outfit for the occasion, and potentially airfare. Offering fun wedding favors is a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate them and the effort they put forth to celebrate your big day.


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However, wedding favors can get mighty pricey — but they don't have to be. From sweet succulents to custom candles, the following wedding favors are sure to delight your guests without breaking the bank.

1. Plain Jane "Let Love Grow" Custom Seed Wedding Favors, $15+


Give your guests the gift that keeps on giving with these adorable seed packets. You can customize the packets with your name and wedding date, and the seeds will yield a beautiful patch of wildflowers that your guests can enjoy for days to come.


2. Surfside Succulents Party Favors, $5.75

If you prefer to skip the seeds and go straight to healthy plants, then you can treat your guests to these lovely succulents. What's great about succulents is that they require very little maintenance. All they need is a little sun and some occasional water to thrive.


3. My Wedding Pashmina Candle Wedding Favors, $1.61+

These cute candle favors offer 40 different flower styles to choose from, so it's easy to find a set that fits your wedding color palette. Plus, you can personalize them with a sweet message to your guests.


4. Mesnet Tea Jars, $1.49+

Your guests will love reflecting on how much fun they had at your wedding while sipping on a hot cup of tea. Ranging from chamomile and orange to rose, jasmine, and lemon tea, there's a flavor for every preference.


5. Paper Ballards Kids' Wedding Activity Book, $5.52

Keeping little ones occupied during a wedding is no easy feat. Unless, of course, they're provided with one of these cute custom activity books, complete with coloring pages, games, and optional crayons.


6. Lovely Vegan Soap Wedding Favors, $26+

Featuring yummy scent options like cinnamon, grapefruit, and tangerine, these soaps will remind your guests how much they love and appreciate you each time they wash their hands.


7. The Paper Shoppe CA Doughnut Bags, $30+

Wedding doughnut bars have become super popular lately, and it's easy to understand why considering how delicious they are. These custom doughnut-themed bags will make your doughnut bar even sweeter for your guests.


8. White Room Handmade Rose Wedding Favors, $38+

These impossibly charming little roses will look just as good on your wedding tables as they will in your guests' homes as decorative accents.


9. Belamoda Co. Spray Bottle, $18

Equal parts pretty and functional, these custom spray bottles can be filled with hand sanitizer so that your guests can feel safe and healthy at your wedding and beyond.


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