Win at Hosting: Stock Your Guest Room With These 10 Essentials

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Having a guest room at all is a modern luxury (for you, and your guests), and while any visitor will be pleased by getting a room to themselves, there are a few ways to really take the hosting factor up a notch.


It all comes down to a few essentials from Walmart that will effortlessly complete any guest room's "we're happy you're here" vibe. Stock up, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a five-star host.

Sun Zero 2-pack Arlo Textured Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtain Panel Pair, $18.88

Before you start thinking about the extra-special touches you want to add, you should focus on the most basic takeaway of a great guest room: a good night's sleep. And a solid set of blackout curtains (in a pretty color) will go a long way in that department.

Cozy Classics Allergy Proof Mattress Topper, $59.98+

Another helpful item for quality zzz's? An extra-comfy mattress topper. This one's also hypoallergenic and resistant against dust mites, which will help keep your guests comfy without them even realizing it.

Image Credit: Walmart

Mainstays Silver Grab and Go Stick Lamp with USB Port, $19.99

A nightstand lamp with a charging station will give you major hosting points — especially if you include backup chargers in the nightstand drawer in case your guests forget theirs.


Better Homes & Gardens Tufted Trellis Decorative Square Throw Pillow, $15.87

Next time you're ordering throw pillows for your own bedroom, add a couple extra to cart for the guest bedroom. It's an easy and affordable way to dress up the space, and the fuzzy tufts on these ones make them extra cozy.

Springfield Linen 6 Pieces Set Towel, $16.99

Don't make your guests go searching through drawers to find a questionably clean towel or a wash cloth. Instead, stack a fresh set on the dresser or bed in the guest room right before they arrive.

Better Homes & Gardens Antique Gray Wire Clothes Hamper with Liner, $19.97

Have guests that are staying for awhile? Offer to let them do their laundry if they need. And because keeping your clean and dirty clothes separate can get a bit tricky in a suitcase, adding a chic hamper to the room will be much appreciated.

Farmhouse Barnwood Framed Floor Leaning Tall Mirror, $244.56


A floor length mirror will go a long way in making your guests feel comfortable (especially if the other closest mirror is in the guest bathroom down the hall).

Sorbus Storage Box Woven Basket Bin Set, $37.99

Allow your guests to keep their belongings organized (instead of rummaging around in the bottom of their suitcase for smaller items) with these classic woven baskets.

Pure Daily Care Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set, $35

Let your guests customize the scent of the room with a diffuser and a few essential oils, and encourage them to pick their favorite fragrance.

Safavieh Polar Abbot Solid Extreme Plush Shag Area Rug, $35.98+

A super-plush area rug will complete the cozy factor of the room, making sure your guests will definitely want to get comfortable and stay a while.