7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool and Hydrated All Summer, According to a Vet

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Welcome to The Cool Down, Hunker's definitive guide for staying cool, calm, and collected all summer long.

Summer's heating up but as the temperatures rise, it's important to keep your pet cool and hydrated. During the hottest times of the day, Dr. Jamie Richardson — veterinarian and chief of staff at Small Door Veterinary — recommends keeping an eye on your pet, as dogs can still get overheated and dehydrated if they're playing or swimming in water. To keep the summer fun going and your dog happy, healthy, and hydrated, here are seven vet-approved items you can buy to keep your pet cool this summer.


1. A standing fan

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"A cool environment is essential when the weather gets hot," Dr. Richardson tells Hunker. "Consider placing a fan near your pet's sleeping area to ensure they stay cool during the night."

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Our pick:Honeywell Quiet Tower Fan, $49.99

2. A water bowl

"While it may seem obvious, it's important to make sure your pet has plenty of water! If your pet doesn't get enough water during the day (whether it's warm out or not), dehydration can happen quickly," Dr. Richardson says. "Keep your pet's water bowl filled throughout the day and in a convenient place, so they have easy access whenever they're thirsty."


If you want to keep your pet hydrated on the go, Dr. Richardson recommends the Olly Dog Portable Water Bottle, Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Dog Water Bottle and Bowl, or PETKIT Dog Water Bottle.

Our pick:Wild One Bowl Kit, $50

3. Towels or cooling clothing

"If you anticipate a hot day or your pet is panting and hot, you can place a cool wet towel on their body or even splash them with some cool water," Dr. Richardson says. "Similarly, cooling clothing helps reduce body temperature through evaporation. You can purchase a variety of vests, shirts, and even caps to suit your pet's needs."



Our pick:Canada Pooch Cooling Dog Vest, starting at $32.99

4. Kongs

"Fill your dog's Kong with something soft like plain unsweetened yogurt, mashed banana, or mashed pumpkin, and place it in the freezer for a few hours to create a tasty and long-lasting treat during hot days," Dr. Richardson says.


Our pick:Kong Classic Dog Toy, starting at $7.49

5. A small pool

"If your pup enjoys swimming and you have the space, letting them paddle around [in] a small dog-friendly pool (under your full supervision) can be a good way to keep them cool," Dr. Richardson tells Hunker. "Just be sure the water level is at an appropriate height for your pet, and monitor them carefully."


Our pick:Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool, starting at $28.99

6. Pupsicles

"One of my favorite ways to cool down a hot pup is to create a pet-friendly popsicle (or pupsicle)," Dr. Richardson says. "Blend fresh watermelon with a bit of plain, unsweetened yogurt, and place into an ice cube tray or popsicle mold. Freeze, and you've got a refreshing, pet-friendly treat."


Our pick:PetSafe Chilly Penguin Freezable Treat Holding Dog Toy, starting at $4.95

7. A cooling gel pad

"These can be used on their own or placed on top of another pet bed for added support and are very portable for outside use as well," Dr. Richardson says.

Our pick:The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad (Medium), $39.99



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