13 IKEA Spa Bathroom Finds Under $15

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Who doesn't want their bathroom to feel like a spa where they can go to relax and pamper themselves? To help you in this quest, we searched through IKEA's products for spa bathroom finds that are sure to make you feel at ease whenever you're in the bathroom. Read on for our 13 selections.


1. Siesjön Bath Towel, $5.99

Inspired by the Hamam towels used in Turkish baths, this cotton towel looks as soft and luxurious as can be.

2. Trättan Hair Towel Wrap (2-pack), $2.99

Nothing feels more lavish than having a towel for your hair that's separate from your body towel. This is especially the case because this wrap is meant to be gentler on your hair.

3. Emten Bath Mat, $9.99

This soft microfiber mat is a must-have for any spa space.

4. Bredasund Washcloth, $4.99

Speaking of soft, you can't go without a clean white washcloth made of combed cotton.


5. Tåsjön Slippers, $2.99

These slippers are sure to keep your feet nice and cozy. You could even use them solely as bathroom slippers, so they feel more special.

6. Dragan Soap Dispenser, $7.99

When it comes to creating a spa bathroom, you can't go wrong with natural wood elements like this soap dispenser.

7. Saxborga Jar With Lid and Tray (set of 5), $14.99

Rather than keeping your bathroom products in packaging that doesn't match, store them in this elegant jar set.

8. Skuggis Bamboo Hook, $4.99

These natural hooks will keep the earthy, "in nature" theme going.


9. Lassbyn Table Mirror, $11.99

This gold table mirror is less industrial and more elegant — perfect for a soothing bathroom setting.

10. Flådis Basket, $9.99

This seagrass basket is ideal for displaying fluffy towels.

11. Avlägga Scented Candle, $3.99

It wouldn't be a spa bathroom without a scented candle that smells like vanilla and coconuts.

12. Sommardröm Tray, $11.99

You can use this tray for all your trinkets or for serving yourself a cup of tea during a soothing bath.

13. Vissvass LED String Light, $4.99

To truly set the mood, consider hanging up these fairy lights, which will provide you with a lovely glow.


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