11 Small Fridges to Complement Your Small Kitchen

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As tempting as it is to stock up on oodles of foods, if you are dealing with a small kitchen, a small fridge is the way to go. And while a mini-fridge may not be a plausible option for a family of many, there are a ton of top-rated compact refrigerator options that will free up your floor, countertop, and ultimately even cabinet space. To avoid feeling boxed in, we've rounded up 11 awesome small fridges that will complement your compact kitchen and hold enough food to feed your whole family.


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Scroll down for our favorite compact appliances to help you cook, entertain, and feed without sacrificing functionality.

1. Smeg Full Size Refrigerator, $1,999

If you're looking for a fridge that combines style with functionality, look no further. Although it's labeled as "full size," this SMEG fridge is only 60 inches tall, 23.6 inches wide, and 30 inches deep (about the same as your average counter depth). It features adjustable shelving, a crisper, an inner freezer, numerous storage bins, and a customizable hinged door — so you can choose which way it swings open. Choose from a multitude of colors and pair this retro beauty with this SMEG cookware collection.


2. Whirlpool 24-inch Wide Small Space Top-Freezer 11.6 cubic feet Refrigerator, $599

Don't let this skinny fridge fool you into thinking it's not functional. This Whirlpool appliance is energy-efficient with temperature controls, in-door gallon storage space, and an ice maker. Plus, with three fingerprint-resistant colors, you can ensure it matches your aesthetic and still looks great years later.


3. Summit 24-inch Stainless Steel Bottom 12 cu.ft. Freezer Energy Star Refrigerator, $1,294.99

Super compact kitchen? No worries. This fridge was made for those hard-to-fit spaces. With features like a temperature alarm, defrost compartment, in-drawer humidity control, and exterior digital control panel that lets you manage the temperature without opening the doors, this counter-depth fridge fits the small kitchen bill.


4. Unique Classic Retro 22-inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 7 cu.ft, $799

Looking to channel your inner '50s style, but elevate it into the 2020s? This statement piece combines intuitive design with fun colors and a funky silhouette. If you're looking to go all the way into full contemporary retro, make sure you check out these retro kitchen design tips.


5. Galanz 10 cu.ft. Retro Top Freezer with Dual Door True Freezer, $499.99

With all of the neutrals going around these days, stand out with this fiery fridge. Pair this beauty with black and white to go for an uber classic look. If the idea of red in your kitchen is throwing you off, be sure to get inspired through these jaw-dropping red kitchen ideas.


6. Frigidaire 10 cu.ft. Black Refrigerator and Freezer, $803.88

With modern lines and a classic look, this fridge is ready to blend in with any understated aesthetic. And if you're putting this in your compact kitchen, black makes a piece look smaller ... meaning no clunky appliances will mess with your kitchen style.


7. Bosch 800 Series Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjustable Glass Shelves, $2,799

On top of the ideal-for-compact-kitchens shape, this skinny fridge has an energy-efficient build, strong LED lighting, HydroFresh drawers, a wine rack, and an ice maker.


8. LG 11.1 cubic feet Platinum Silver Top Freezer Refrigerator, $699

Looking for a strong fridge that doesn't take up too much space? This is the one. The real magic happens when you open it up to reveal ample storage and an intuitive design.

9. Frigidaire Refrigerator and Freezer Stainless Steel 10 cu.ft., $907.28

Bring everything back to the classic fridge with this stainless steel model. It will perfectly complement your modern apartment, even if you don't think you have enough space for a full-size fridge.

10. RCA 7.5 cu.ft. Refrigerator with Stainless Look, $234.50

Working with a kitchen that has warm colors? This golden hue will match beautifully, while its shape and adjustable shelves mean you can truly make it hold your food needs. You'll also love that the spacious interior makes fitting in all those veggies ridiculously easy.

11. Euhomy Compact 3.2 cu.ft. Free Standing Mini Fridge with Freezer, $209.27

If your kitchen is super small, you may need a mini-fridge. Unlike most mini-fridges that hold a singular bottle of beer and maybe last night's take-out, this one will actually hold your groceries. Give it a click and see just how much fits inside both the fridge and freezer. It's magical.