The 10 Best Mini Fridges on Amazon for Small Spaces

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Don't let a small space stop you from stocking up on your favorite snacks and drinks. Whether you're in a dorm room, apartment, or office, a mini fridge is the perfect addition to maximize food storage. Taking up minimal room, using less energy, and typically available in more styles than a full-size fridge, mini fridges are an ideal solution for all your cooling needs. From retro designs to options for wine, these are the best mini fridges on Amazon.


Best Overall Mini Fridge

Perfect for dorms, offices, and apartments, this single-door mini fridge has everything you need to keep food and drinks cold in a small space. With a reversible door, adjustable thermostat and shelves, and an internal freezer, the RCA Mini Refrigerator gives you plenty of storage options that you can customize to your needs. And if stainless steel doesn't mesh with your space, it's available in other classic or vibrant hues, including black, white, lime green, aqua, purple, and red.

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Best Compact Fridge

This compact refrigerator from Black+Decker is the definition of space-friendly. With a removable glass shelf, you can store all the essentials with ease, and since it's extra quiet and energy-efficient, it's also a great pick for dorms or offices.


Best Portable Mini Fridge

Keep your food and drinks cold or hot with this thermoelectric cooler and warmer. Whether you want a mini fridge to keep on your countertop or need a travel-friendly option that you can use in your car, this portable mini fridge is the ideal buy.

Best Retro Mini Fridge

If you love a retro fridge as much as we do, this pick from Frigidaire is a must. In addition to a stunning vintage design, it's also available in seven different hues. And as a bonus, it comes with a built-in bottle opener.


Best Retro Mini Fridge With Dual Doors

A compact model with a large capacity, this two-door retro mini fridge from Galanz can fit almost all your frozen and refrigerated food and drinks. And on top of being extra spacious for a mini fridge, it has an adjustable thermostat, crisper drawer, and removable shelving.


Best Portable Retro Mini Fridge

Portable and design-forward, this retro mini cooler has a 4-liter capacity and can keep your drinks, lunch, or even skincare cool in your bedroom, dorm, or home office. But that's not all; this versatile mini fridge can heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and keep your food warm, too.


Best Mini Fridge With Freezer

Need a mini fridge with a true freezer? Add this Midea Mini Fridge to your cart. With adjustable temperature controls for the refrigerator and freezer compartments, you can keep your frozen goods frozen and everything else chilled. Plus, there's a fruit and vegetable drawer and a designated rack for canned drinks to up your fridge organization game.



Best Mini Fridge for Dorms

If there's one must-have for college dorms, it's a mini refrigerator for drinks, snacks, and leftovers to keep you going throughout the semester. Along with a sleek design, this Frigidaire Mini Fridge has it all, with a reversible door, temperature control, and a dry erase door perfect for everything from grocery lists to notes.


Best Mini Fridge for Skincare

Anyone with a dedicated skincare routine will vouch for the wonders of a beauty fridge. The Cooluli Skincare Fridge can keep your serums and creams nice and cool, and the door has built-in storage that's perfect for face masks.

Best Mini Fridge for Home Bars

If you want to upgrade your mini bar at home, try this wine cooler and beverage refrigerator. This 4.4-cubic foot mini fridge can store up to 37 bottles of wine at optimal humidity and temperatures between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 61 degrees Fahrenheit. With a clear glass door and soft blue interior LED lighting, you can put your favorite wine and beverages on display in style.



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