12 Stylish Toilet Paper Holders That Will Take You By Surprise

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The difference between good design and great design comes down to the little details. Armed with this knowledge, it's still easy to overlook the impact that seemingly utilitarian objects can have on a room. Take toilet paper holders for instance. While they are a purely functional piece of bathroom decor, they can actually impart a dose of style thanks to the wide variety of materials, finishes, and aesthetics they're available in. Even the configuration — wall-mounted or freestanding toilet paper holder — makes a difference. Whether you're looking to spruce up your main bath or the powder room, here are 12 cute toilet tissue holders that will look right at home.


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1. Anthropologie Piper Magazine and Toilet Paper Holder, $38

Stash light reading material without taking up precious space with a multifunctional bathroom accessory complete with magazine rack. This oil-rubbed bronze toilet paper holder has an industrial vibe thanks to its iron construction and wire detailing.

2. Urban Outfitters Tulum Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder, $18

Ceramic is an endearing material that effortlessly adds warmth and texture to any interior. In the form of a toilet paper dispenser, it can instantly infuse a bathroom with character and an earthy vibe reminiscent of the southwest. This one features a terra cotta-inspired wall bracket that supports a wooden dowel and has an appealing handmade feel.

3. Lostine Roland Toilet Paper Holder in Brass, $55

A simple construction and straightforward design make this brass and maple wood bathroom toilet paper holder a versatile option for a variety of styles, from rustic to boho. Just slide the roller out to replenish.


4. Waterworks Opus Wall-Mounted One Arm Paper Holder, $750

Looking for something glamorous, but not over-the-top? Lucite is a timeless material that brings sophistication to even the most mundane items. And this wall-mounted toilet paper holder is no exception. The sleek design combines lucite and a satin nickel finish for an elegant art deco vibe that has weight without being visually distracting.

5. Shoppe by Amber Interiors Brass Toilet Paper Holder, $30

This slim profile tissue roll holder is the perfect marriage of form and function, featuring a singular piece of forged antique brass. It's practical, easy to use, and has graceful lines that make a subtle statement. Plus, it'll develop a patina over time, giving it a pleasing aged quality.

6. Strom Plumbing Fluted Porcelain Toilet Paper Holder, $109.12

Introduce a sense of history with a vintage-inspired wall mount toilet paper holder that's big on decorative details. This sweet embellished design features fluted porcelain brackets and a brass toilet roll holder for a traditional look loaded with charm.


7. Urban Outfitters Ria Rattan Toilet Paper Holder, $29

New, unexpected materials have transformed tissue paper holders into considered accessories in their own right. Rattan infuses character and tropical undertones into shared spaces and now you can bring that relaxed vibe to your bath. The eye-catching linear pattern on the back of the wall bracket, paired with a curvilinear silhouette, adds extra flair.

8. Schoolhouse Oak + Leather Tissue Holder, $46

Bring the minimalist warmth of Scandi design to your bathroom in the form of a functional, yet stylish, toilet paper holder made from wood and leather. This one is no frills, but still imparts a measured dose of style.

9. NewMade LA Toilet Paper Holder, $55

Is your washroom thirsty for a pop of color? Look no further than this midcentury-inspired gem showcasing a vibrant shade of yellow. And bonus: The top of the wall bracket extends just enough to double as a shelf. The perfect place to display a teeny-tiny bathroom accessory (or air freshener).


10. Rejuvenation West Slope Toilet Paper Holder, $75

The timeless design of this toilet paper roll holder, while simple, makes a lasting impact. And it's no wonder, since the inspiration comes from northwest modern architect John Yeon. But if you need more convincing, it's constructed of solid brass, so you can rest easy knowing that this piece of bathroom decor is just as durable as it is beautiful.

11. Umbra Squire Toilet Paper Stand, $20

If a freestanding toilet paper stand is what you had in mind, look no further than this sculptural design. The continuous line of the matte black square wire is a modern feast for the eyes. Plus, you won't have drill any more holes into your bathroom wall, so it's a win-win.

12. Kohler Composed Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder, $123.60

Tired of fussing with the traditional spring-loaded toilet roll holder? You're not alone, and luckily there is a solution. Enter this sleek polished chrome design. It features a clever pivoting functionality that makes replacing the TP a breeze.