Where to Install a Toilet Paper Holder

The placement of your toilet paper holder is important; after all, you'll face the negative consequences or the benefit of its position on a daily basis. Too far from the toilet or out of easy reach -- and a bathroom visit becomes a bit uncomfortable; perfectly placed, you don't even have to think about the holder. An optimally placed toilet paper holder is 8 to 12 inches in front of the bowl, 26 inches up from the floor.

Toilet Roll
credit: qualitygurus/iStock/Getty Images
A toilet paper holder hung on a wall.

Standard Placement

In many cases, the toilet sits next to one or two walls, within reach when seated. The toilet paper holder goes on the side wall in front of the farthest forward point of the toilet. If two side walls flank the toilet, the one that seems more comfortable to use or has the most space available is your best choice.

Varied Placement

In some cases, there is no side wall to mount the holder onto. In this case, mount it to a nearby cabinet side wall within reach of the toilet or on the wall behind the toilet. If there is no logical place to install a toilet paper holder, opt for a freestanding toilet paper holder that has its own base and can be moved to the desired location.