How to Turn Your Small Kitchen Into a Dinner Party-Ready Space

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No matter how much you love designing your home to match your personal style, it can be tempting to just skip the rooms on the smaller side—especially when it comes to kitchens, where anything short of a full-blown reno can just feel like adding extra clutter.


Hunker's news editor, Eva Recinos, knows the struggle. "I feel like the rest of this apartment really reflects my personality and all the inspiration that I've gotten from Hunker," Recinos say. "But my kitchen? I've kind of ignored it."

But with the holidays coming up, Recinos was inspired to take on the challenge of decorating her kitchen and dining area ​without​ making it feel crammed—so she headed to her local At Home store to stock up on all the goods.


With everything from genius organizational pieces to graphic art to fabrics and textiles, she proved that sometimes more is more when decorating a small space (and you can do it while sticking to a budget, too). To see what she found and learn her other tips for styling a small kitchen, watch the video below.

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