Cozy Coordinated Pajamas So Your Entire Family Can Celebrate Virtually

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Welcome to the Hunker Holiday Gift Guide. From joyful decor picks to gifts that give back, these items are sure to delight everyone on your list.

Matching family PJs are a time-honored family tradition — whether you and your crew all arrive in the same reindeer print onesies every morning at Grandma's house, or you have a standing Christmas Eve appointment for cocoa in your cozies, it's one of those rituals that makes the holidays what they are.


This year, as many of our families are celebrating together virtually rather than IRL, keeping those traditions alive feels more important than ever. We've rounded up the best sleepwear and loungewear for families of every configuration — so you can make sure your cousin's kids in California are matching with your mom in Maine — and feel cozy, comfy, and together, no matter how you're celebrating this year.

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1. Little Piglet White Linen Kids Pajama Set, $75, and Piglet In Bed Adult Linen Trouser Pajama Set, $134

If you haven't been introduced to Piglet In Bed, you've been sleeping (sorry) on a very good thing. Piglet's comfy-classic-cool tailored linen PJs are enticing for adults, but they're downright irresistible in kids' sizes. And unlike many pajama companies, these sets are very adaptable — from a variety of prints available in the adult sizes to mix-and-match silhouettes (or ​a la carte​ options, in case you like to sleep in a big button-down and nothing else) to monogram options, it's easy to get the sleepwear you want ... and to coordinate throughout the family, in crisp "Twas The Night Before Christmas"-inspired style. (No stocking caps included.)


2. Rowdy Sprout Bowie Bamboo PJs, $55

If you're one of those "cool families" (and I know that you are), you might want to opt for dressing your kiddos in David Bowie PJs for the big day. Rowdy Sprout's sets come in sizes from 3-6 months to 12 years — so your little legends-in-training can truly be in Fashion.


3. Lunya Cozy Cotton Silk Waffle Slim Pant, $188


Long-johns have been due for a style upgrade for quite some time, but there's something about their cozy, waffle-y texture that always just seems so appealing. So we were pleased to find that Lunya preserved that comforting construction for their slim pants and coordinating waffle henleys, which seem like the ultimate "stay in and bake cookies" getup — especially in this covetable ginger colorway.


4. Sleepy Jones Marina Pajama Set, $198

Sleepy Jones is synonymous with the sort of perpetually-pajamaed lifestyle that an eclectic artist or reclusive rock star might have, and that's really the energy I'm trying to manifest for 2021. This bright and bold print feels undoubtedly celebratory and would pair nicely with their maximalist tie-dye set for men, too.


5. Katie Kime Marfa Toile Pajama Set, $108

Your sister and your mom called — and they told me that, if you don't get them matching Marfa toile pajamas for Christmas, they're not going on any trips with you. Just sayin'. (But no, really — while holiday travel may be postponed indefinitely, these prints of hip destinations seem like an appropriately fun substitute.)



6. Karen Mabon Catwalk Pajamas, $206

(Insert "cat's pajamas" joke here.) I do not make the rules, but if you take your holiday card photo in these pajamas with your cat jauntily dressed in the matching scarf, you will officially win the holidays this year and probably for a few years hereafter, too.


7. MeUndies Unisex Hooded Modal Robe, $88

There's just no arguing with a classic red tartan when it comes to the holiday season. This soft hooded robe is unisex, so you can co-ord with your whole family (and pick up a pair of matching lounge pants, too, if you'd like).


8. Sleeper Party Pajama Set with Feathers, $320

2020 has brought us cultural clothing touchstones like "the nap dress", something that ultra-chic brand Sleeper was, well, way ahead of the curve on. But personally, with all this work-from-home-ing, I've been anxiously anticipating the resurgence of a look I call "pajama professional", where silk matching sets are worn out and about (or at least, on your Zoom calls). This feather-adorned set takes it a step further with "party pajamas," which feels pretty much perfect for a New Year's Eve where you don't leave the house but still want something slinky to drink champagne in. Send a pair to your BFF so you'll both be prepared for a midnight toast when you FaceTime. And next year, god willing, when we're all allowed out again, you can just as confidently don this outfit with a pair of kitten heels for public consumption.



9. HART + LAND Classic Holiday Pima Cotton PJ Set, $98

The Tot's house-brand HART + LAND has an impressive collection of super-soft Pima cotton PJ sets for men, women, toddlers, and babies — so it's definitely worth a scroll if you're looking to recreate that classic Christmas morning vibe (minus all the frills and night frocks of the '90s). I'm also partial to their "holiday sloth" pattern (how could you not be?), and their Thanksgiving-ready turkey and gourd print.

10. Hanna Andersson Sno Happy Matching Family PJs, from $30

Hanna Andersson is the unrivaled hygge queen of matching PJs. Not only does this classic Fair Isle print feel more modern and wearable than red-and-green counterparts I've seen elsewhere, but the silhouettes are comfy and understated enough that, yes, you may want to wear them out and about. Also, the quality is seriously good for the price. How do I know? Because my mom told me. How does she know? Because she bought me tons of Hanna Andersson when I was a baby, and I was a tough critic.

11. Morgan Lane Rosie Kids PJ Set In Petal Noire, $98 and Katelyn Fiona Knit Set in Petal Noire, $138


I really can't think of a more adorable photo op for a new mom than these matching piped PJs. They're available in sizes as small as 18 months. Cuteness overload.

12. Milkmaid Goods Christmas Plaid Robe, $65

Milkmaid Goods has reinvented robes with new mommas in mind, adding some elevated details (and enhanced, functional closures) that make them much more wearable. They also coordinate their prints across their assortment of swaddle sets, separates for toddlers, and more — so it's very easy to achieve the "matchy" look. Not a fan of plaid? The "Oliver" olive-leaf pattern feels wintery in a more subdued and sophisticated way.

13. Desmond & Dempsey Medina Stripe Long Organic Cotton Pajamas Set, $92

Wes Anderson vibes in the absolute best way. (Can you just picture it?) Here it is for dad, mom, and sis, too.

14. Monica & Andy Matching Family Adult Pajamas, $49

Soft, layer-able silhouettes. Organic cotton. A sweet deer print. These are a shoo-in for holiday success.

15. The Company Store Organic Cotton Dog Pajamas, $24

Finally, here's what you were ​really​ looking for: dog pajamas. Coordinate your entire crew ​and​ your corgi with these organic cotton options from The Company Store.



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