8 Ways to Maximize Room Corners, According to Designers

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Even the most cramped of room corners is brimming with design potential — it just takes the right decor. To prove our point, we reached out to a few of our interior designer friends for advice on how to maximize room corners, and they had lots to share. From savvy storage solutions to carving out a mini workstation and more, here's what they had to say.


1. Create a corner workstation.

A few floating shelves can go a long way in a room corner. "Floating shelves are a stylish way to create a workstation in a tight corner," Marika Meyer says. "Simply install a floating shelf alongside or above a small corner desk and voilà — you've got easy access to storage in a cramped space."

2. Add a tall piece of furniture.

Unsure about where to place a particularly tall piece of bedroom furniture? Molly Torres Portnof of DATE Interiors suggests employing it in a corner. "For smaller rooms or areas, corners should be emphasized, not ignored," she says. "I like to place taller storage pieces, like a dresser for a bedroom or a cabinet for an office, in corners to bring the eye up."

3. Build a custom closet.

If you don't have a spare closet in your apartment, Megan Hopp of Megan Hopp Design says forging one in an empty corner of your living room or bedroom is the next best thing. "Corners are a great place to create a custom closet," she says. "They provide just enough depth for shelves and garment racks, and you can combine ready-made storage pieces to create a custom look (without a hefty price tag)."


4. Design a mini lounge area.

When designing a small corner or nook in your home, Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Designs says it's important to make sure it feels strategic — and not like an afterthought. "Instead of glossing over such a space, give it some visual weight by turning it into a cozy, inviting lounge area," she says. "If you're just working with a small corner, add a lounge chair, side table, and floor lamp to encourage guests (and you!) to make use of the space."

5. Wrap bookshelves around the corner.

Your room corners are teeming with storage opportunity, which is why Marika Meyer says to consider them when designing a built-in bookshelf display. "Built-in bookshelves are a beautiful way to add storage, but people often don't think about wrapping the shelves around the corner to create just a little more space," she explains.

6. Incorporate an étagère.

To make the most of an underutilized living room corner, Lori Paranjape of Mrs. Paranjape Design + Interiors suggests employing a tall étagère with open shelving. "Take advantage of a narrow corner with a visually open etagere," she says. "The lines are clean and elegant and it creates storage opportunity in a space that would have otherwise been forgotten."


7. Make a reading nook.

No matter how cramped a corner might seem, Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors says there's always room for a reading nook. "My go-to design for corners is a small reading nook," she explains. "For added storage, consider adding shelving or a narrow bookcase. If you're missing a home office, consider a floating desktop and a small chair."

8. Consider banquette seating.

No dining room at home? No problem. Meyer says a kitchen corner is the perfect place to put a breakfast nook. "A great way to maximize seating in a tight kitchen dining area is to create a built-in banquette that wraps around the corner," she says. "It adds room for at least two more people, and even more kids!"


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