This DIY Incense Will Make Your Home Smell Just Like Early Autumn

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It's time for Fall at Home: Hunker down, bundle up, and make the season as cozy as possible with our foolproof guide to autumn.

True, you can burn incense all year-long. But there's just something about pulling out those warm, smoky scents when the temperatures start to drop that feels oh-so-fall. And even better than having those autumnal odors coursing through your abode, is having DIY incense that's perfectly customized to complement your space.


If you haven't embarked on a project like this before, fear not. There are a few steps, but once you nail the perfect scent profile, you'll be all set for fall at home.

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Things You'll Need

Step 1

First, assemble your supplies. Most things can be ordered from Amazon or specialty shops. But you'll want to be a little more particular about your essential oils; the better the quality the better your DIY incense will turn out. The trickiest ingredient is the propylene glycol; it's optional but will help your scents burn cleaner with less of a sooty residue.


Step 2

If you choose to use propylene glycol, measure out about 1.5 ounces (or half of a large shot glass) into a seperate vessel for mixing. You don't have to be exactly precise, but this amount of liquid will be more than adequate for about 12 incense sticks.


Step 3

Assemble your oils! This is the fun part, but also the part that leaves the most room for error. Whether you use propylene glycol or not, you'll still need about 1 ounce of oil. For this particular fall blend, I used 60% sweet orange essential oil, 20% lavender essential oil, 10% rosemary essential oil, and 10% eucalyptus essential oil.



Step 4

Combine your essential oils (and propylene glycol if you used it) thoroughly. If you're inclined to stir the mixture, use one of your uncscented incense sticks so you don't leave any of the blend on a spoon or whisk. Each drop counts.


Step 5

Make sure your incense sticks fit perfectly in your dish dish or bowl. They all need to be able to lay flat without stacking on top of each other. If the sticks are too long, simply snip the slim wood end (not the thick part that you burn) with craft scissors.


Step 6

Cover your incense sticks with the oil blend, making sure each stick is fully doused in the liquid. It will be thick, so you may to mix things around as you go. If you do so, wear gloves because pure essential oils are super potent, and the scent can linger on your skin.


Step 7

Now you wait. Store your incense in a safe place out of the sun for 36 to 48 hours, checking periodically. After most of your blend has absorbed, remove the sticks from their shallow dish and place them in a clean pan or on wax paper to dry for another 48 to 96 hours. Then all you need is a cute incense holder, and you're all set.



This oil blend burns smoothly and smells like the beginning of fall and bright leaves. However, if you want something warmer, I recommend going for scents like sage and cardamom.



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