14 Items Under $50 to Refresh Your Home for 2021

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We love an excuse to refresh our spaces. Whether it's a new season or a new chapter in our lives, we want our homes to reflect that in ways both big and small. 2021 is an especially great time for such changes, helping us close out what has been a difficult year for many.


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If you're also looking for ideas to refresh your space for the new year, we'll include our product recommendations here. All of them fit within a $50 budget.

If you've been using the same coasters for years, now is the perfect time to swap them out for something new and fun. We're especially loving these pieces from artist Ben Medansky, who is inspired by diverse environments.

A statement wall can completely transform an entire space — especially when that wall features this matte sage green paint. You can also consider creating a color-blocked design.

Flowers can make a space feel fresh and vibrant. To encourage yourself to buy more bouquets in 2021, why not treat yourself to an artsy vase?

Walls feeling blank and boring? A new print can fix that! We're particularly in love with the colors on this print by artist Reyna Noriega.


By swapping out your throw pillow, you can make a sofa or armchair look like it's never looked before.

If you want to literally refresh your space, a candle can provide exactly that scent and mood. Currently, we have our eyes on Harlem Candle Co.'s Lenox scent, which smells of tangerine, apple, coconut, and sandalwood. Sounds like paradise.

A fresh year calls for a fresh throw blanket. Whether this goes on your couch, desk chair, or bed, this textile is sure to make a space feel cozier.

To give your kitchen and/or dining space an upgrade, a fruit bowl is all you need. It's time to put your beautiful fruits (and your new bowl) on display.


You can light the way to a fresh start with a new desk lamp — especially if you're now working from home more than ever before.

There is no such thing as too many plants! This particular green beauty grows well in moderate light and moist soil.

Rather than buying new cabinets or dressers, try switching out your hardware to give furniture an up-to-date look.

You'd be surprised to see just how much fresh window treatments can alter your space (and your mood).

A chic soap dispenser will help welcome your bathroom into a new year — we promise.

If you have your glassware on display in a glass cabinet or on a bar cart, 2021 could be the year to find more modern, display-worthy pieces.


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