Not Into Orange? Here's How to Decorate for Fall Without It

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It's time for Fall at Home: Hunker down, bundle up, and make the season as cozy as possible with our foolproof guide to autumn.

Orange is the go-to fall color for a reason. It's warm, inviting, and matches the crisp fall foliage perfectly. But we'd be lying if we said it wasn't, well, predictable. It's always fun to play around with color and fall is no exception. We took notes from Pinterest and Pantone, and this season, it's all about warm neutrals, earthy and natural tones, moody dark blues and grays, and even some pops of color to dress up your space.


Here are some of our favorite fall color trends.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Terra Cotta

Terracotta is an earthy blend of red and brown with pink undertones to warm up your color palette for fall. According to Pinterest, searches for the color were also up five times this year compared to last August.

Shop the trend: The Citizenry Diya Accent Rug (3x5), $345

2. Ochre

This bright and sometimes earth-toned color is a deep, rich yellow that can be just the pop of color you need to add to your home this season.


Shop the trend: Anthropologie Old Havana Dinner Plates Set, $72

3. Fired Brick

Fired Brick is a rusty red color deemed one of Pantone's top trending hues for fall and winter this year. Searches for a red color palette and splashes of red in home decor have also increased times four since last August, according to Pinterest.



Shop the trend: Urban Outfitters Round Corduroy Pintuck Throw Pillow, $49

4. Almond

The creamy off-white color isn't just for winter. It also acts as a fall neutral to brighten without overpowering your space.


Shop the trend: Peach Fox Designs Natural Dried Floral Arrangement, $44.74

5. Olive Green

The soft green shade looks amazing in different fabrics from velvet to suede but Pinterest has also seen an uptick in searches for olive green house exteriors since last year.


Shop the trend: CB2 23-Inch Leisure Olive Green Pillow with Down-Alternative Insert, $44.95

6. Greige

According to Pinterest, searches for greige paint colors are way up now compared to last August. But it's not just ideal for your walls — you can also find the grey and beige combo in your new favorite fall decor.



Shop the trend: Crate & Barrel Flint Gray Marble Bowl, $49.95

7. Deep Navy

Believe it or not, deep navy can totally be considered a fall neutral. It can add just the right amount of color to a cozy home.


Shop the trend: Pottery Barn Teen Game Zone Rug (5x8), $299

8. Dark Teal

This blue-green shade is a unique addition to warmer color schemes. It's also gained some popularity on Pinterest since last August, with searches for a dark teal color palette up times six year-over-year.


Shop the trend: MoMA Danish Modernist Vessels, $68

9. Classic Blue

Pantone dubbed Classic Blue one of the trending colors of the season for a reason — the stunning hue definitely makes a statement in any space, from your kitchen to your bedroom.


Shop the trend: Sur La Table Duralex Blue Picardie Tumblers Set, $25

10. Magenta Purple

Another Pantone-approved color for fall, magenta purple is a fun eye-catching color to add to your home.

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