10 Camping Products That Will Turn Your Tent Into a Five-Star Resort

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Camping is a great way to disconnect from the chaos of everyday living and immerse yourself in the rejuvenating power of nature. It also happens to be a relatively safe way to get out of the house and have some fun during a pandemic. And while some people want to rough it as much as possible during a camping trip, many of us find camping much more enjoyable when we take a few luxuries along with us.


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If you're more of a glamper than a traditional camper, then you'll love the following products, which allow you to enjoy the soul-nourishing benefits of nature without sacrificing a deep, comfortable sleep.

If you're not into the idea of sleeping on the ground, then behold this perfect camping bed. The foldable cot is topped with an air mattress and features two attached side tables, ensuring you always have a camping cocktail within arm's reach. It also comes with a battery-operated pump so you can save your breath for stories around the fire.

For those who want to take glamping to the next level, this luxury tent offers everything you need to do it in style. Constructed of waterproof and UV-resistant polyester fabric and a sturdy metal frame, this tent bed also features an off-ground design to effectively keep you away from wet grounds or any creepy crawlers.

This portable, rechargeable light can be looped over anything from tree branches to tent poles, illuminating everything in its path. It offers three different light settings, with the low-light setting lasting for 24 hours on a single charge and providing the perfect bedtime ambiance. Plus, you can choose from three color options to ensure it complements your glamp aesthetic.


This lightweight blanket uses recycled materials to mimic the warmth of a down comforter without any of the extra weight. Plus, it comes with corner loops to allow you to stake the blanket into the ground so that you can be securely tucked in and stay warm all night.

Even when you have the best tent, bed, and sleeping bag, catching Zzzs outside of the comfort of your home can be a challenge. If you need a little extra help, then be sure to take these sleep patches with you. All you need to do is stick 'em on your arm and their combination of melatonin, hops, and valerian root will send you straight to dreamland.

Equal parts hammock and sleeping bag, this essential item will keep you comfortable through all of your nights and your afternoon naps. Filled with goose down, the sleeping bag is super lightweight while offering adequate warmth even in 15-degree temperatures. It also tucks neatly into a little bag, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.


This nifty LED lantern can not only be hung up in your tent as an overhead light, but it also comes equipped with a fan, so you can add a little bit of breeze into your sleeping quarters. It can also be propped up on a surface if you need something outside during meals, as well.

This inflatable couch is definitely a little extra, and that's why we like it. It's easy to inflate and holds up to 500 pounds, so everyone has a comfortable place to sit and rest around the fire. It also comes in a variety of fun patterns, so it's a great way to add a playful pop of color to your set-up.

There's nothing like cozying up in a nice set of sheets, especially when you're out in the wilderness. Made of bamboo, these sheets are naturally moisture-wicking, breathable, and hypoallergenic. They also come in a cute little travel bag that makes it a cinch to take 'em with you on any journey.

Comprised of high-grade mulberry silk, this cute pillow and sleep mask set will ensure you get the beauty rest you deserve. The pillow's small size can fit into virtually any travel bag, but it's packed with a plush, comfy fill that offers the cloud-like feel of the very best pillows.


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