This $8 Tortilla Warmer Is a Taco Night Game-Changer

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This simple tortilla warmer is quite possibly the best thing that's happened to me this year. I know that sounds dramatic, but these days it's the little things (namely, food) that bring us joy, amirite?

Some months ago, in pre-pandemic times, a friend invited me for brunch at his parents' house. His father is an amazing home cook, especially when it comes to Mexican food, and this breakfast was no exception. The build-your-own taco bar had homemade chorizo, scratch salsa, soft-scrambled eggs, and fresh, flour tortillas, which were kept inside a pillow-like warming case. By the time I got to the front of the line to assemble my taco, the tortillas were still soft and perfectly warm. Hmm, noted, I thought. When I went back for seconds (don't judge) 30 minutes later and they were STILL warm, my inner dialogue changed to, I wonder if they'll notice when this thing goes missing.

Thankfully, it didn't have to come to petty theft. My gracious host noticed me eyeballing it pretty hard and offered to pick one up for me the next time he went to the local market where he got it. A few weeks ago, he made good on that promise. I have since been using it for our weekly taco nights, and it's just as magical as I'd remembered.

You simply pop however many tortillas you want into the fabric sleeve and nuke the whole thing in the microwave for 30 seconds or so. (There's a handy time chart printed on the back side of it.) The sleeve is made of insulated polyester and it keeps tortillas –– or pita bread, pancakes, naan, you name it –– at the perfect temperature and moisture level for up to an hour.

For a lover of tacos and hater of cold food, the Imusa Tortilla Warmer is truly a game changer. And turns out you can get it at Sur La Table for a mere $8!

Gina Goff

Gina Goff

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