This Hands-Free Tool Is the Most Genius Invention of the Pandemic

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It's safe to say avoiding germs has become pretty top of mind for most people these days. Especially as we start to ease back into shared spaces and normal life, remaining vigilant about stopping the spread of germs has never been more important.


One easy way to stay extra careful? By purchasing the genius Peel Keychain Tool. Designed so you never have to touch a shared surface again, it features a hook-and-pointer system to enable you to open doors, press buttons, and checkout, all while avoiding germs. Check out how it works:

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Suddenly, all of those feared shared spaces become a little bit less scary, don't they? And best of all, in our opinion, it can be discreetly added to your keys, so you'll never wonder where you put it. Simply pop this bad boy onto your keychain and effortlessly run your errands, germ-free.

It's available on Need/Want now for only $35. Just be sure to act fast — we have a feeling something this clever won't stay in stock for long.

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