Now Is the Time to Turn Your Dining Room Into a Ping-Pong Court

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Chances are, by now you've cleaned and organized most corners of your home, and you're scraping the bottom of your Netflix queue. Meaning there's no better time than to turn your home into a funhouse. Let's start by converting your dining room into a ping-pong room ... because why the eff not? You can still eat at a ping-pong table, right? Anyhow, read on for some options ...


1. Franklin Sports Anywhere Table Tennis, $24.99

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Here's a handy option if you don't want to completely replace your dining table! This set allows you to set up a removable net — just take off at dinnertime.


2. Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table with Net Set, $199.99

Don't have too much room? Consider this midsize table tennis setup.


3. EastPoint Sports Foldable Table Tennis Conversion Top, $149.99

Another less permanent option: this conversion top, which lays on top of a table.


4. GoSports 6'x3' Mid-size Table Tennis Game Set, $142.82

How about a pop of red instead?



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