9 Easy Tools to Help You Show a Bit More Gratitude

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You don't need us to tell you that life can feel pretty scary, stressful, and overwhelming at times, especially when we're faced with new, unforeseen challenges and obstacles. And while there are infinite ways to deal with stress, ranging from workouts to Netflix binge sessions, research suggests that the simple act of practicing gratitude can work wonders on your sense of peace and well-being.


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What exactly does "practicing gratitude" mean? Well, it can mean different things for different people, from writing thank-you notes to keeping a journal of what you're grateful for. The key is to find an accessible practice that resonates with you. Below, we cover several useful tools you can use to bring more gratitude, peace, and wellness into your life on the daily.

Moglea Charlie Thank You Card Boxed Set, $17


Writing thank-you notes to someone you love who's far away, a live-in S.O. or roommate, or even the mail carrier, is a great way to instantly boost your mood while making someone else's day, especially when said thank-you notes are as cute as these.


Intelligent Change Five-Minute Journal, $24.95

In addition to prompting you to write about what you're grateful for, this happy-making journal also invites you to write daily affirmations and list the positive things that happened during the day. They might be as small as "watched a pretty sunset" or "texted with a best friend," but suddenly your seemingly ordinary, ho-hum day will end on a sweet and happy note.


Journal Republic Gratitude Journal, $9.40

Advertised as a gratitude journal for "tired-ass humans," this particular notebook includes nice daily prompts like "What I'm grateful for today:" and "Amazing sht that happened today," and also sections for not-so-nice — but seriously therapeutic — prompts such as "A*hole of the day" and "Things I want to say to my co-workers but can't." It'll make you laugh, help you release pent up feelings, and feel more gracious, all at the same time.


Studio Penny Lane Gratitude Jar, $34

Not big on journaling? Then simply jot down a line about what you're grateful for whenever you think of it and stick it in this jar. On particularly tough days, you can go through the jar to remind yourself of the positivity you have in your life.


Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband, $249.99

Meditation promotes all kinds of good feelings, including gratitude, but because it's not as tangible as other gratitude practices, it can be tough to stick to. Enter: Muse. This little headband provides real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements, letting you know just how much you're benefitting from your daily practice while motivating you to keep going.


Dormouse Art Studio Gratitude Bird Art Print, $10.59

This colorful art print is only about five by eight inches but will be a bold reminder to keep perspective during trying times. Stick it in your bathroom or by your coffee maker so you can see it first thing each morning.


Navy Peony's Random Acts of Kindness Cards, $9.99

When you're feeling overwhelmed, it can be tough to find any direction at all, so these little notecards find it for you. Each one features a small act of kindness you can perform throughout the day — like leave a nice note for a stranger or donate old books — which will undoubtedly inspire feelings of gratitude and appreciation.


Gratitude Journal for Kids, $8.99

This sweet book, full of easy-to-follow, kid-friendly prompts around gratitude and self-love, is a fun tool that helps your little one start practicing gratitude from an early age.


Typo Activity Card Box, $14.99

Sometimes, all you need is a quick one-liner to remind you of how wonderful life can be. Each of these cards has a beautiful message of gratitude and self-love to remind you to take a moment.


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