5 Wall Mount Paper Towel Holders on Amazon to Reduce the Kitchen Clutter

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Raise your hand if kitchen countertop clutter drives you absolutely crazy. From coffee makers to salt and pepper shakers, there always seems to be a competition for which products and appliances deserve to occupy this sacred area. Enjoy one less thing duking it out for attention when you take countertop paper towel holders out of the equation. There are now so many sturdy and stylish wall mount and under cabinet holders in the game that it's almost silly to choose a traditional model, especially if you're working with a petite kitchen. Below, five of Amazon's best paper towel roll holders that will make you wonder why you ever stored these cleaning essentials the old school way.


Best Model With Additional Storage

You're getting a whole lot of bang for your buck when you purchase this duo. The set comes with two shelves that each have removable roll holders, giving you the option to use one as a regular floating shelf if you prefer. You can also use a handle stick for hand towels as shown above. These quality pieces are crafted from radiata pine wood and dark metal for a rustic yet polished look.

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Most Stylish Model

Adorned with vegan leather straps and a varnished wood bar, this paper towel holder looks like it's straight out of a home decor magazine. Even with its good looks, the product is ever so practical. Both the straps and towel bar are waterproof for easy cleaning and there are only two screws needed for attachment. Plus, the brand includes screw caps to subtly hide this unwanted detail.


Best Bamboo Holder

Keep it simple and classic with this compact bamboo paper towel holder. The bamboo used is actually both stronger and much lighter than regular wood, making it a great choice for hanging. Attach to your chosen surface with the wall mount and included hardware.


Best Stainless Steel Holder

Select from four beautiful finishes: matte black, gold, rose gold, and silver. The best part? This stainless steel option comes with adhesive tape for the easiest and least permanent installation. It's always nice when there's no drilling involved, but if the surface you're attaching it to is rough, you can instead use screws to secure the holder.


Most Durable Model

Simplehuman is a favorite brand when it comes to trash cans, sensor soap pumps, dish racks, and all that fun kitchen stuff. It's therefore no surprise the brand's stainless steel paper towel holder is a bestseller. Everything was perfectly thought through — from the easy tear spring that prevents unraveling to the quick-release knob for easy roll change.



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