The Best Wastebaskets on Amazon (That Are Surprisingly Cute)

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Let's face it: Most wastebaskets aren't very fun to look at. And while some people are lucky enough to have room to stick one under a sink or in a closet, the rest of us are forced to stash our trash cans in plain sight.


Luckily, we did a little digging and discovered a few sleek and stylish trash bins you can order with ease on Amazon. Don't believe us? From a sleek, minimalist wastebasket to a gold geometric stunner, here are five trash cans on Amazon that are surprisingly easy on the eyes.

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Best Overall

Looking for a tiny trash bin that you won't mind showing off in your bathroom? This petite cutie comes in 23 pretty colorways and is slim enough to squeeze into any sliver of bathroom space.

Best Minimalist

The only thing better than a good-looking trash can is one that moves from room to room with ease. This simple Japanese-inspired waste bin is designed with a wooden handle so you can pick it up and move it around with you.

Best Modern

Scandinavian design lovers rejoice: We found the perfect trash can for you! Clean-lined and sophisticated, this modern wastebasket is constructed of treated wood and boasts a smooth matte finish to boot.


Best Bamboo

Searching for a small, boho-style trash can with organic appeal? This compact wastebasket features a bamboo veneer and a rectangular design that will fit inside even the most cramped of spaces.

Best Glam

Prefer your trash cans with a bit of pizzazz? This eye-catching geometric wastebasket is made of gold metal wire and creates instant visual interest in any room.



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