The 13 Best Floating Shelves for Minimalist Storage

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If you're ever in need of more storage space, floating shelves are the perfect solution. Utilizing wall space with floating shelving can help you maximize your decor potential, even more so than traditional shelves since they don't require any floor space. Plus, they're totally eye-catching and offer a more sleek and clean look since the mounting hardware is typically hidden. To help you find the best floating shelves, here's everything you need to know about finding the right one and our top picks.


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Floating Shelf Buying Guide

Now that we've covered why you should buy floating shelves, here's how. When shopping around online or in stores, consider the type of wall you're working with, the material of the shelf, and the weight limit and size of the shelf.

Type of Wall and Installation

In order to learn how to install a floating wall shelf properly, you'll need to know what kind of wall you're working with first. If you want to install a floating shelf on plasterboard or drywall, you'll most likely be able to use traditional screws and wall anchors. For brick wall or masonry, you'll need mounting hardware specifically designed for it, including drill bits and fasteners.


Weight Limit and Size

You're also going to want to take into consideration what you're going to use the wall shelf for, which will dictate the weight limit and size of the floating shelves you'll need. Whether you want to put heavier plant pots or light picture frames on your floating shelf, finding the perfect one for you will require a little planning ahead of time to make sure you find one with the proper weight capacity so it's sturdy and durable.


Material of Shelf

Floating shelves can be made in several types of material, including metal, solid wood, glass, and manufactured wood, to name a few. If you plan on adding heavier items to your shelf, like a lot of books, solid wood is the way to go. Tempered glass shelves are also resilient options for this piece of home decor.


The 13 Best Floating Shelves for Minimalist Storage

1. Greenco Floating U-Shaped Shelves (set of 3), $12.99

Perfect for home offices, bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, this 16-inch-by-4-inch-by-4-inch U-shaped floating shelf set is easy to assemble and install with all the mounting hardware included. Made with MDF laminate, they're decorative and durable. They also come in nine different colors — from espresso to rustic blue — to match almost any decor style.


2. Bayka Rustic Wood Floating Shelves (set of 3), $32.49

Go for a rustic look with these Bayka floating shelves made with paulownia wood and an iron frame. With this set of three heavy-duty, 17.1-inch-by-6.8-inch-by-5.9-inch wall-mounted shelves from Amazon, you can add everything from small plants to toiletries without worrying about them falling down. It also includes the proper mounting hardware for easy installation.


3. IKEA Lack Wall Shelf, $19.99

Opt for clean lines and a minimalist design with the Lack shelf from IKEA. At 43.25 by 10.25 inches and a weight capacity of 22 pounds, you can add storage bins, books, and more to these shelves. The hidden suspension brackets are included with the shelf, however, screws for wall mounting aren't included. You'll also want to make sure you have the appropriate fasteners for your wall material.


4. The Container Store x Marie Kondo Sakura Pink Kid's Wall-Mounted Bookshelf, $21.99

What better way to maximize your storage potential with minimalist floating shelves than with Marie Kondo-designed decor? The Container Store x Marie Kondo wall-mounted bookshelf was made for kids' spaces but is perfect for any room in your home that needs a pop of color. Made with bamboo and with a weight capacity of 15 pounds, you can put your books and trinkets on display. With keyholes in the back and installation hardware included (even drywall anchors!), you can install this floating shelf in a breeze.


5. Three Posts Jefferey Metal 2-Piece Floating Shelf Set, $83.99

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, this set of floating shelves brings industrial flair to your space.

Made of metal wire with the weight capacity of each shelf maxing out at 25 pounds, these can be used for everything from bathroom essentials to spices. Unfortunately, mounting hardware isn't included with this pick, but Wayfair estimates it'll take around 15 minutes to set up.

6. Winston Porter Arshawn Corner Shelf, $44.24

Have a bare corner that could use a decor upgrade? Try corner floating shelves. With traditional molding and an overall weight capacity of 35 pounds, it's great for showing off your keepsakes. This pick has wall-mounting hardware and metal brackets included, so it's ready to be installed as soon as it arrives at your door.

7. Cq Acrylic Invisible Acrylic Floating Wall Ledge Shelf (set of 4), $25.99

From records to toiletries to books, these versatile acrylic ledge shelves have tons of potential. This set comes with four 15-inch-by-4.3-inch-by-3-inch shelves that will look modern and stylish in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, and more.

8. Ebern Designs Floating Wall Shelf, $65.99

If you need extra lighting and storage space, this floating shelf from Wayfair has you covered. This option has a touch-activated light that can be used to light up dark spaces and store your books and smaller pieces of home decor (as long as it's below the shelf's weight capacity of 20 pounds). The mounting hardware is included, but you'll need three AAA batteries to use the light feature.

9. Shelfology Aksel RADius White Oak Floating Shelf, $152+

For the ultimate customizable floating shelf system, shop at Shelfology. Not only can you pick out your shelf style, but you can also choose your shelf thickness, length, depth, corner radius, finish, and wall anchor.

10. Pottery Barn Brighton Floating Wood Shelves, $149+

Made in a Fair Trade facility with sustainably sourced mango wood, Pottery Barn's Brighton wood shelves will help you lean into chic open-style shelving. Use these shelves in the kitchen or entryway, or even use them as a floating nightstand. The shelves have a weight capacity of 25 pounds to 70 pounds, depending on the shelf size, and come equipped with installation hardware.

11. Blu Dot Welf Large Wall Shelf, $129

This sleek, minimalist shelf from Blu Dot comes in a variety of colors from Blush to Breezy Blue. Made from powder-coated steel, it's extra durable and versatile, great for home offices and living rooms. It also includes a simple mounting bracket and the hardware needed to install it.

12. West Elm Takara Live Edge Wall Shelves, $79+

Switch up your style and introduce these live edge wall shelves to your home. Made with natural teak wood, each piece is unique and comes with an invisible bracket.

13. The Home Depot Moen Preston Glass Bath Shelf, $21.77

Is your bathroom shelving not cutting it? Add a glass floating shelf to your shopping list. Crafted with tempered glass and chrome brackets and a weight capacity of 30 pounds, it can elevate your bathroom and give you room for extra soap, towels, and more. It comes with all the mounting accessories you need to install it, too.