This $5 IKEA Kitchen Buy Is Saving Me a Bunch of Money

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When it comes to #adulting, there are certain areas where you go, "Sure, that would be nice," but in reality, it's an expense that just isn't a priority. Case in point: knives. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE cooking, and I'd be so down to own a set of fancy Japanese knives or even just one badass Zwilling knife, but when it comes to budget, it always feels like that money could be more wisely spent. (I know, a good set of knives will last you a lifetime, but jeez there are so many other things I could do with 200-500 bucks.)


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So, my current knife collection consists of a handful of IKEA cheapies and hand-me-downs, and they all suck because they're dull AF and I can't be bothered to bring them anywhere for a sharpening. Then, during my last IKEA trip, I spotted a weird black plastic thing in a bin and realized it was a knife sharpener — for only $4.99. It's easy to use and has completely revived my mediocre knives. In fact, the first time I used it, the knife was so sharp that when I slipped up, I cut off a little corner of my pinky. (TMI?)

Anyhow, this isn't to say that I won't one day finally purchase that good set of knives, but, thanks to this IKEA accessory, I'm making my current set work — and I'm pretty satisfied with the results.


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