10 Mirrors Under $100 That Will Instantly Elevate Your Space

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When it comes right down to it, mirrors are a functional home necessity — unless you're one of the rare individuals who doesn't need to check your appearance a few dozen times before making your debut in the world for the day.

But they serve a secondary purpose, too. Mirrors are one of those design elements that instantly elevates a space, making it look a bit more considered, a bit more pulled-together (come to think of it, it's not far off from the role they play in your appearance). And, as designers are wont to remind us, they make a small space look bigger, too. But, like most signifiers of adulthood and aesthetic taste, they're ... weirdly expensive? Sure, they're breakable and difficult to ship, but c'mon — with the exception of area rugs, which should be spun from strands of gold for what they cost — they're one of the most pricey-per-square-inch items on our home decor wishlists.

But that's not to say that there aren't deals to be had. From utilitarian oval mirrors perfect for your midday makeup touch-up and decorative mirrors that will add a little je ne sais quoi to your home to floor-length mirrors standing at the ready to help you replicate your favorite dressing room montage, here are our top picks for modern mirrors that'll cost you less than a Benjamin:

1. Urban Outfitters Carson Leather Strap Mirror, $69

Clad in copper and finished with a faux leather hanging strap, this round mirror has a subtly masculine vibe that we could see fitting into a variety of spaces — from a midcentury entryway to an industrial-chic living room to a boho guestroom.

2. PBteen Triptych Vanity Mirror, $100

Three mirrors for the price of one! This articulated trio of mirrors is designed to give a 360-degree view for primping at a vanity, but when wall-mounted at standing height, the effect is somewhat Art Deco-inspired. We imagine it'd look interesting over a mantle, too.

3. Umbra Hub Modern Accent Mirror, $80

Umbra has never steered us wrong before. This mirror nails the on-trend "squoval" shape without overdoing it, thanks to a versatile matte-finish frame.

4. PBteen Rattan Eye Mirror, $75

What this mirror lacks in reflective surface area (the mirror itself is just over 10" in diameter), it more than makes up for in jungalow style. Mount it over your headboard to take advantage of its evil eye-esque properties, or place it in a gallery wall arrangement to add some eye-popping appeal.

5. Opalhouse Wood Wall Mirror, $100

A serious trade-up from those dorm-style back-of-the-door mirrors, this archway-inspired style from Target brings some texture into your space with its natural wooden frame and exotic shape. Lean it artfully against the wall or mount it for a little more lift.

6. Szklo Glass Kiesa Half-Circle Mirror, $95

Another trendy shape we've been lusting after, the half-circle mirror is having a major moment right now — as is the "mixed media" look. This budget-friendly mini-mirror masters both, with a row of swingy tassels accentuating its curves.

7. Urban Outfitters Corin Rattan Round Wall Mirror, $99

Check "rattan" off your home decor trend checklist with this sizable round mirror. Hang it (via the rattan-wrapped handle) against a dark-colored wall to let the natural character of the materials really pop.

8. KKV Vintage Golden Rays Mirror, $65

A little bit boho, a little bit deco, the gold sunburst motif mirror is one of those looks that never truly goes out of style. Try grouping this vintage find with a few other round mirrors to create an unexpected focal point behind the couch or in a hallway.

9. CB2 Rogue Small Brass Oval Mirror, $90

Small but stately, this brass-framed mirror in a midcentury modern shape would fit nicely next to the front door in an apartment — it's just the right size for a quick glance to check your hair before heading out.

10. IKEA KARMSUND Floor Mirror, $60

We've got to hand it to IKEA — there's no competing with the Swedish giant when it comes to floor mirror prices. The easel style of this mirror makes it a favorite among renters, though it can also be wall-mounted. And if the scrollwork detail at the top isn't your style, it's removable. (They've really thought of everything.)

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