If You Love Swing Chairs, Let's Talk About Swing Tables

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Most design lovers can tell you all about the swing chair, but we want to talk about a furniture item that takes the idea even further: the swing table. We love an unconventional dining table, so the idea of basically creating a floating table with swinging chairs caught our eye.


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While the design sparked a few questions in our minds: Could you get nauseated from too much light swinging while eating? Can you cross your legs on it or will you immediately fall off? ... We still love the idea of a more fun dining table setup.

Duffy London currently offers a Swing Table that lets you "bring the playground into the boardroom or dining room," as the website states.

You can order the table with or without the geo lampshade and choose from walnut or oak tabletops. No matter your choice, each piece gets created with "walnut and oak from Forestry Stewardship Council managed forests and other controller sources." The FSC focuses on forest protection and creates "standards under which forests and companies are certified," according to their website. The eco-conscious and stylish swing table comes in a size range of four to 12 seats. Delivery takes about eight to 12 weeks, but do note that prices start at around $6,695.

Etsy seller SwingTables, whose shop opened in 2017, also offers a few variations on the swing table. The New York-based shop offers custom, made-to-order pieces that can adapt to both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can even choose different frame colors.

The "Swing Table with Planter Box" brings a bit of the outdoors inside with a space for your greenery at the center of the table. The table can be assembled in approximately an hour and it ships in about three to five weeks, with prices starting at $6,050.


This shop also features a few designs with smaller seating, like a maple two-seater table and a cedar four-seater table. We could definitely see these working for an intimate, romantic brunch or a summer soiree with friends.

Now we're getting into the swing of things.


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