Picnic Table Specifications

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Although picnic tables can be designed with any dimensions, there is a recognized standard. Tables typically have a height from 28 to 34 inches above the ground, with most standing at 30 inches. Rectangular table widths range from 28 to 30 inches, and lengths are either 6 or 8 feet. A good rule of thumb is to allow 24 to 30 inches of perimeter length per person.


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Seat Matters

Of equal importance in picnic table specifications is the dimensions of the seats, which are typically benches. The seats have a height of about 19 inches above the ground, leaving about 11 inches of room from the bench to the table height. Bench widths are about 1 to 1.5 feet, and lengths match the length of the table at either 6 or 8 feet.


Shape Matters

The customary design for picnic tables is rectangular, but square tables work well for smaller gatherings of two to four people. Table and bench heights are generally the same, but dimensions are routinely either 4 or 5 feet in width and length. Any picnic table can be customized to fit the needs of families, including extra height for taller people or longer tables for extended family gatherings. If you have little ones, build a couple of small benches with extra inches to help them more easily join in the tabletop festivities.


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