Trend Alert: Beachy, Boho Woven-Wrapped Glassware

seagrass glassware
credit: Food52

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Just in time for summer, it looks like beachy glassware wrapped in natural materials is making a comeback. Wicker- and rattan-wrapped carafes and glasses were popular in the '70s, so it only makes sense that they are in favor once again, considering we're all mad for boho. There are still great deals to be found on Etsy for vintage glass sets, but you can also easily find similar styles at major retailers like Urban Outfitters and Pottery Barn. Take a look at our picks!

Pottery Barn Cane Drinkware Collection, $7-$50
credit: Pottery Barn
Vintage Wicker Mug Set, $32
credit: Etsy
Anthropologie Elena Woven Collection, $14-$58
credit: Anthropologie
Vintage Rattan Carafe and Glass Set, $40
credit: Etsy
Seagrass Cage Carafe, $28
credit: Pink Pig
Vintage Wicker Pitcher and Glass Set, $54
credit: Etsy

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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