Not Good With Plants? 10 Alternative Ways to Add Some Greenery to Your Indoor Space

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Indoor plants are an easy solution for adding character to your home quickly. Buy, pot, place, and suddenly it can feel like you've completed your space. But for some of us, that indoor oasis can take a sad — and slightly creepy — turn when what you bought under the guise of being beginner-friendly doesn't live up to its name.


A houseplant graveyard is never a good look, but you shouldn't have to compromise your style because of a less-than-green thumb. Looking to embrace the outside-in aesthetic without the maintenance associated with it? We rounded up the 10 best alternatives to indoor plants.

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1. Go faux.

If at first you don't succeed, fake it. Rather than purchasing another live plant you know will likely last you only a month, consider grabbing an artificial one instead. This mood-boosting pop of green looks like it could be the real deal. And don't worry, your secret's safe with us.

Get the look​: Threshold Small Spider Ceramic Pot, $10

2. Opt for a single stem.

Just because your plant died doesn't mean you have to throw out the vase. Adding a touch of green to your space is simple and budget-friendly with a single faux stem. And with an eye-catching vase, guests will likely be looking more at the ceramic than your green-thumb dupe.


Get the look​: West Elm Faux Green Monstera Leaf Stem, $11.99

3. Think outside the pot.

The grass is greener where you "plant" it. Can't care for a garden? Luckily, there's more than one way to bring the outside in. Simply incorporate those elements into your decor — whether it's through art, wallpaper, or throws.



Get the look​: Society6 Nature Geometry Art Print, $20.40

4. Add dried florals throughout.

Dried florals can give your space a pop of color and natural look without the upkeep. Where fresh flowers require water changes and, after a week or two, a whole new bouquet, well-kept dried flowers can last up to a year.


Get the look​: Afloral Dried Fragrant Lavender Bundle, $28

5. Set the tone at the door.

Enjoy a pop of green the moment you get home with a faux wreath. While some find fake plants to be a faux pas (we're not one of those people), a touch of artificial greenery at the front door is widely accepted. Something classic like the above olive branch wreath can work year-round, but you can also get a little more seasonal and change up your front door decor in accordance with weather, holidays, or just your mood.


Get the look​: Crate & Barrel Olive Wreath, $71

6. Consider something low maintenance.

OK, so these air plants are technically alive. But we promise they're way lower maintenance than you'd expect. As the name suggests, these little plans live on air, absorbing water and nutrients directly from what's already free-flowing in your home.



Get the look​: Shop Succulents Store 12-Pack Live Air Plants, $19.99

7. Create a secret(ly fake) hanging garden.

Image Credit: Hunker in Partnership With Acme Real Estate

If you love the look of a hanging plant but aren't quite as obsessed with the upkeep, leaf droppings, and seemingly exponential growth, opt for an artificial hanging plant. With a faux version, you still get the look, just without the difficulty.


Get the look​: Home Depot Nearly Natural Indoor String of Pearl Artificial Plant Hanging Basket, $51.58

8. Tie in natural textures.

These decorative rattan pieces are a great way to bring natural textures and earthy colors into your home. Use them to fill a colorful bowl or vase, string them on a rope and hang them, or even scatter them across a nature-inspired dining setting.


Get the look​: Pemalin Natural Decorative Wicker Rattan Balls, $10.99

9. Add small pops of green.

With fake plants, it's sometimes best to approach with a less-is-more attitude. Rather than loading your office to its brim with a forest of faux plants that will, to the dismay of your Zoom-call attendees, remain perfectly stagnant month after month, opt for a smaller array. A few miniature faux plants throughout your space can add a consistent pop of green without giving it the feeling of being artificial.



Get the look​: Three Posts 4 Artificial Foliage Plant on Pot Set, $41.99

10. Plant a no-maintenance garden.

Succulents tend to be the plant novice's best friend. They require little to no maintenance — aside from maybe giving them a sip of water every other week — and, depending on the succulent, tend to remain on the smaller side. That means no trimming and no repotting.

Get the look​: Costa Farms 20-Piece Mixed Succulent In Pot Set, $44.77



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