9 Guest Bathroom Ideas That You'll Want to Steal for the Master En Suite

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If your guest bathroom is nicer than your master en suite, you're doing it all wrong! While you should absolutely keep your spare bath tidy and fully stocked with towels and shower essentials, you deserve to pull out all the stops for yourself, too. When you consider all the time you spend in your own bathroom, it should at least feel as nice as a space someone prepared for a visitor.


Luckily, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make your washroom feel a little more luxurious. Here are nine guest bathroom ideas that you're going to want to steal for your master bath immediately.

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1. Refillable Amber Bottles for Shower Supplies

This is one of those guest bathroom ideas that will instantly upgrade the shower: Swap out your busy plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles for minimalist amber glass (or plastic, if you're worried about dropping them). Even better, take a queue from Tina at Layers and Layers of Paint, and identify each one with an old-school label maker.

2. Fresh Flowers

This gorgeous guest bathroom by Shea from Studio McGee gets a pop of color thanks to a vase full of fresh-cut flowers. But life's little luxuries shouldn't be reserved just for visitors. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a lovely bathroom bouquet. (In fact, why aren't you buying yourself fresh flowers all the time?)

3. Essentials in Clear Glass Canisters

You know your guests shouldn't have to sift through drawers and cabinets to find essentials like cotton balls and Q-tips, but you know what else? You shouldn't have to either! Steal this guest bathroom idea for your master suite so everything is tidy and easily accessible. Plus, you'll always know when you're running low.



4. A Clutter-Free Countertop

Speaking of keeping things tidy, why not clean for yourself like you'd clean for a guest? After all, getting ready in the morning is so much more pleasant when your bathroom counter is free of clutter. Need a little inspiration? Check out interior designer Emily Henderson's bright and beautiful guest bathroom.


5. Towels, Towels, Towels!

Every good host knows to leave out a gratuitous amount of spare towels for visitors, but this is a guest bathroom idea that you should consider implementing in your master bath, too. While it might mean doing laundry more often, having fresh hand and bath towels readily available at all times is totally worth it. Don't think you have the storage space? Put them in a decorative basket, like Anissa from House Seven Design did in her own home.


6. Spare Rolls on Display

If you've ever had to do the pants-down dance to grab a roll of toilet paper out of a drawer, keeping a spare roll or two on display (and within arm's reach of the toilet) is a guest bathroom idea you need to steal for your own space ASAP! After all, you owe yourself the same courtesy you'd show your guests, like Bre from Brepurposed does in her enviable en suite.



7. An Accordion-Style Towel Rack

It's always a great idea to offer guests extra hanging storage in the bathroom — for toiletry bags, clothes, towels — like Erin at Françoise et Moi did by adding this fab brass accordion-style towel rack. But installing extra hooks or pegs in the master bath can help keep things tidy, too. Plus, it's the perfect place to hang up a shirt while you shower to quickly steam out wrinkles!


8. A Table by the Shower

Another simple guest bathroom idea that will instantly upgrade your master bath is a table by the shower, like this gorgeous space designed by Katie Martinez. If you have the square footage, a small table can give you an extra surface to style with plants and candles, not to mention make your towel (or, perhaps your shower wine?) easily accessible.


9. Or a Small Stool

No room for a table? Don't give up on this guest bathroom idea just yet! See if you can squeeze a tiny stool in there somewhere to get the same effect (and at least a little storage), like in the gorgeous guest bathroom of Molly from Almost Makes Perfect.



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