10 Austin Homes With Cool Design Ideas

boho living room
credit: Reagen Taylor

Austin is a city rich in Texas tradition. And yet, with such a cool food and music scene, it's constantly evolving its vibe, testing just how creative you can get — while still being rooted in Lone Star history. The design scene there is equally interesting: unpretentious, accessible, and a touch old-school. These Austin homes (and a few hotels) all offer decor ideas — no matter where you live.

1. A Sleek and Modern Pad in East Austin

2. A Wonky Guest House

asymmetrical guest house
credit: Whit Preston

3. A Home That Mixes in West Elm Finds

open plan kitchen
credit: Chase Daniel

4. A Boho Compound Made of Two Trailers

5. Camille Styles' Office

Camille Styles' Office
credit: Molly Culver

6. A Color-Crazy Tudor in South Austin

7. A Farmhouse Meets Contemporary Family Home

white modern farmhouse exterior
credit: Reagen Taylor

8. A 19th Century Building That's Now a Stylish Hostel and Music Venue

native hostel austin
credit: Chase Daniel

9. An Authentic Midcentury Experience

10. A Hotel That's a Little Hippie, a Little Wild West

Leonora Epstein

Leonora Epstein

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