One Wine Glass to Rule Them All

Choosing stemware for every varietal does not interest English wine critic Jancis Robinson. Her line includes a single mouth-blown wineglass with a generous bowl and a gently tapering tulip shape that she says can be used to serve anything: Champagne, white and red wines, sherries and ports. The glass holds a good 15.5 ounces, but a drinkable 4 ounces will fill it to the widest part. It's comfortable to grasp, to swirl and to drink from. (There's a companion stemless water glass in the same shape.) Yet when it comes to decanters, Robinson does not think one size fits all. There's a broad-based young wine decanter that will expose the liquid to more air and soften it, and a narrower one for older wines shaped to help retain the fragile fruit and aroma. The line — designed by Richard Brendon of London — is lead-free and dishwasher safe.

Jancis Robinson collection, $56 for wineglass, $48 for water glass, $152 to $200 for decanters,