This Bedroom Proves You Should Break Design Rules

Who: Medina Grillo, DIY and home improvement blogger at Grillo Designs

Where: London, England

Why we love this pic: This unique bedroom breaks many conventional design rules in the very best way. The unabashed mix of bold patterns, from the bedspread to abstract art, lends movement and dynamic layers to the look — notice the gallery wall is not centered above the bed but rather falls to the right, adding compelling dimension and intrigue.

The takeaway: Design rules are made to be broken.

Get the look:

Abstract print of black brush strokes on white background
credit: Yocica
White metal headboard with vertical posts
credit: Amazon
Two tan faux-suede pillow covers
credit: Amazon

Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

Kelly is a full-time freelance writer, aspiring aerialist, and passionate interior design enthusiast. She's a regular contributor to design-centric publications like Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, and TexasLiving Magazine.