Check out These Fascinating Examples of Hostile Architecture

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What is hostile architecture? It involves uncomfortable design features that prevent the homeless (or any) population from loitering or laying down in public spaces. Exhibit A:


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The design trend is most often seen in urban centers, but another example that's uber-recognizable is airport benches. Have you noticed that it's impossible to lay down on them these days, due to their dividers? A crime against the jet-lagged, if you ask us.

Many have taken to Instagram to document the hostile architecture in their own cities. Check out some of the most creative examples below.


1. Metal dividers, a curved seat, and uncomfortable pebbles — time to bid adieu to your midday nap.

2. Though artistic, this one doesn't even look comfortable to sit on. And you can forget about laying down.

3. In case you feel tempted to sit on water valves ...

4. It would be a pain to plop down or lean on these seemingly innocent birds.

5. Try sitting on these windowsill spikes and you'll have a medical emergency on your hands.

6. And speaking of windowsill spikes, these teeny-tiny ones would tear open your thighs in a snap.

7. This charmingly awkward bench is only good for taking a short breather, we'd say.

8. These snake-y bars are as confusing as they're uncomfortable.

9. Forget benches with dividers — these individual seats take matters to the next level.

10. Sitting on this railing would cause some serious injuries.

11. We can't imagine enjoying even sitting on this "bench."

12. Want to catch some shade under this tree? Forget about it.