11 Bird Feeders That Double as Chic Outdoor Decor

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Now that spring is officially here, all we want to do is spend time outside and in nature. To bring the great outdoors straight to our backyards, we've been on the lookout for bird feeders that will keep our feathered friends well-fed ​and​ be lovely for us to look at every day. Here's what we came up with.


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Note: There is currently a salmonella poisoning outbreak affecting birds. Ensure that you are regularly cleaning your feeder and checking to make sure the birds aren't being negatively affected. Bird Watching Daily also reports that bird feeders should either be less than three feet away from a window or more than 30 feet away.


1. Woodstream Perky Pet Birdie B and B Wood Chalet Bird Feeder, $20.36

Your birds are going to love this "birdie B&B."


2. Red Barrel Studio Barlitt Circle Fly-Thru Decorative Bird Feeder, $89.99

This modern bird feeder would make for a wonderful Instagram photo (especially if you're able to catch a bird perched in the center).


3. DesignsByCouth Acrylic Midcentury Bird Feeder, $79.95+

These midcentury modern-inspired feeders are made to order in multiple colors.


4. Pidät Bird Silo Feeder, $63

This minimalist bird feeder doubles as a sculpture.


5. Bunny Williams Bird Feeder, $99

Between the hexagonal shape and black shade of this feeder, we can't get enough.


6. Andreu Carulla Bird and Breakfast, $50

This modular feeder doubles as a nesting space, providing your local birds with everything they need to feel at home.


7. Perky-Pet The Architect Wild Bird Feeder, $24.99

This geometric feeder can also serve as outdoor decor.

8. Wildlife World Dew Drop Window Feeder, $30

This tear drop-shaped feeder can be hung or attached directly onto your window. Plus, Bird Watching Daily reports that window feeders are safe for birds.

9. Mosaic Birds The Cottage House Bird Feeder, $28.49

The orange dish is also made of recycled glass!

10. Hartsdale Fleur De Lis Living Hummingbird Feeder, $47.99

We wouldn't dare forget about our hummingbird friends.

11. Terrain Short Solid Copper Bird Feeder, $78

This copper cutie features a pagoda-style design.