Add to Cart: An Apron You Actually Want to Wear

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Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a cute apron? In between your basic white or "kiss the cook," all that's left are kitsch designs that are kind of like I Love Lucy on speed. The Little Market — a nonprofit that sources gorgeous goods from female artisans around the globe — finally has the answer with these striped aprons by Kara Weaves.

Kara Weaves, FYI, is a social enterprise that supports female artisans in India. Each apron is fair trade and handmade on traditional looms.

Aside from the good you do by purchasing one of these aprons, the designs are exactly what we've been looking for: something that's kind of neutral but would look great hanging on a hook (or on the cook). With sizes for kids and grown-ups, there are also several color options including blue, pink, aqua, black, and...

Rainbow! (For kids only, but still, so cute.)

Kara Weaves Blue Striped Apron, $44, available at The Little Market.

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