Take Note: Cohesion Is Key to a Charming Seating Arrangement

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As you are probably well aware by now, we love clean spaces that build on intricate details. And this charming seating arrangement shared by Charissa Fay embodies that sentiment with a look that's equal parts eclectic and cohesive. The three dominant colors in the room — blush, black, and white — do the most heavy lifting in uniting this aesthetic, and show up everywhere from the photos to the chairs to the pillows. Groupings also do well to balance out the design. The trio of pendant lights overhead work with the three images on the wall, as the pairs of black and white bistro chairs are tied to the matching three tables and dual vases of greenery. A complementary palette and uniformity may be the biggest takeaways here, but don't forget about texture, either! The tufted bench, wooden accents, and velvet cushions give the area warmth, and that's exactly what you'll want for a similar space in your home.

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