This Dreamy Bedroom Will Give You the Confidence to Go Eclectic

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The private nature of a bedroom makes it the perfect setting to experiment with whimsical details and eclectic patterns, and this dreamy design by Melissa Tonkin is evidence of the pure magic that can happen when you do. Woven disks on the wall in lieu of a traditional print bring an artisanal feel to the look, while the nearby greenery complements that warmth with sprays of colorful movement. Then, of course, there's the fine-fringed piece hanging from the ceiling that further accentuates the etherial quality of this space, which also draws on the delicate detailing of the wainscoting lining the back wall. But we're especially swooning over the artful arrangement of the maximalist-inspired bedding, proving that sometimes cohesion comes in unexpected forms. The bed's unabashed array of colors, textures, and patterns is so fun and unapologetic that it creates its own eclectic — and highly enviable — cohesion.

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