It's Time to Try Out the Layering Trend With These 11 Rugs

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If you've ever fallen in love with more than one rug when browsing Pinterest or Instagram, we're totally in your camp. We want to tell you about the perfect solution the next time that happens to you: layering. Putting one rug on top of the other seems pretty simple, but it's a genius design move. Why? Well, the one rule about this trend is that there are no rules. You can mix and match sizes, colors, patterns, and textures to your heart's content. Plus, you can try it in just about any room — even one that already has carpeting. If you're primed to get started, here are 11 rugs that are perfect for layering.

Scalloped Hide Rug

The easiest way to get started with layering rugs is with one large, neutral base rug. A scalloped hide rug from Serena & Lily ( starting at $498 ) is a great option — it has the right amount of detail, and it won't overpower more colorful or textured rugs.

Herringbone Rug

If you're looking for a new rug for your living room or den, here's what to do: buy this West Elm herringbone rug ( starting at $29 ), and then find a smaller, bright rug to throw over it. We're partial to oranges, pinks, and purples with a brown-toned rug.

Round Jute Rug

Layering with round rugs is quick and easy — you can put this 2Modern rug ( $49 ) inside of a larger round or rectangular rug. Putting them halfway underneath your furniture also helps define the space.

Moroccan Rug

Low-pile rugs are ideal for layering — they're not thick, so you can layer without worrying too much about height. We're partial to this handmade Moroccan rug from Baba Souk ( $980 ) for a neutral bedroom that needs a statement piece. Find another brightly-colored rug and put this one on top of the other between your bed and dresser.

Persian Rug

Do you have two rectangular rugs and want to do something interesting with them? No problem — take one of them and angle it diagonally over the other. For example, this Persian rug from Homestead Seattle ( $795 ) would work well over a sisal carpet.

The Kiss Runner

Hallways are one of the best spaces to do rug layering. Take this runner from Cold Picnic ( $365 ), and arrange it in a zigzag pattern with other small, skinny rugs. You can also throw it over a longer runner in front of a piece of furniture or doorway.

Malachite Rug

This Anthropologie rug ( starting at $98 ) is great on its own, but the malachite pattern would look even better layered over a neutral rug. If you already have a beige or black rug under a coffee or dining room table, park this version on top.

Denim Sunburst Rug

While contrasting colors often make a visual impact, you can layer rugs in the same color family and still make a statement. Take this blue circle rug from Lulu & Georgia ( starting at $100 ) and mix it in with other blue hues to make a chic patchwork.

Wool Rug

Layering rugs is one way to play with texture in a space. A sweater-like wool rug from Article ( $399 ) would look good with jute or seagrass in a home office or breakfast nook.

Boucherouite Runner Rug

If your hallway carpeting needs some help, a long hallway runner rug like this one from the Gardener's House ( $598 ) will do the trick. The oranges and reds will look good in either a modernist or bohemian space.

Vintage Persian Rug

One of our favorite design tricks is layering two small rugs at a bedside for extra coziness. A mini rug from Tyler Kingston ( $85 ) would work well with a shag rug that's not quite big enough for a living room or office.

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