Can You Guess What The Most Popular Design Trend Is In Your State?

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Here's something we didn't see coming: Based on a Google Trends data report, it has become apparent that Victorian-inspired interiors have piqued the interests of quite a few decor enthusiasts around the country. The team behind Joybird conducted the probe by building a list of the most popular interior design trends and styles. Next, they cross-referenced each of the terms using Google Trends from the past 12 months to determine the search popularity of each of the 16 categories.

Among the most surprising revelations was the fact that Victorian decor was the most-searched style, coming in at the top for ten states. Naturally, the bohemian aesthetic came in as a close second, taking the lead as the first and second most-searched style among 22 states.

It's interesting to note that neighboring states share similar tastes, while there are also a handful of anomalies—Idaho with the shabby chic and Kansas with the contemporary—that stand out from the states that they are each surrounded by.

Hawaii, the state with an undeniably laid-back aesthetic, boasted the highest search for, wait for it, traditional decor. Who saw that one coming? Art Decor, modern farmhouse, and vintage styles were among the outliers, coming as the highest searched in New Mexico, Utah, and Oklahoma respectively.

Does your state's most-searched style surprise you? Sound off in the comments!

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