Here Are 13 Items to Solve Your Small-Space Seating Woes

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If you love entertaining but you're short on space, the struggle is real when it comes to seating options. But the truth is, you don't have to direct some guests to another room — or worse, an empty spot on the floor — in order to make it work. The next time you're planning a party, think ahead and invest in chairs that are designed for small quarters. The trick? Look for multipurpose pieces that you can easily incorporate into your existing decor, or store away when not in use. We've found 13 options, from floor pillows and ottomans to folding benches and barstools, to give anyone the best seat in the house. Read on to see how the possibilities actually outsize your address.

Wicker Pouf

We know that having a small outdoor space means that you need furniture that can do double duty. Look to this wicker pouf from Terrain ( $348 ), which can be an accent table when you're lounging by yourself, and a stool when you have guests over. You can use it indoors, too.

Handwoven Ottoman

This pick from Article ( $599 ) is the perfect example of versatility — it can be an ottoman, a coffee table, or a stool. Style the gray version with a light-colored rug, and near lots of bright pillows.

Embroidered Leather Pouf

Everyone loves a good leather pouf when you need seating in a pinch. Invest in a classic pouf from Casablanca Market ( $252 ), and you can move it all around your space — at the end of your bed, near a favorite chair, or next to the coffee table.

Wicker Barstool

If you didn't know that Target has Parisian-inspired wicker barstools ( $115.99 ), now you do. If your kitchen only has a bar area for eating, this is the perfect seating solution. It's also lightweight enough to pull over to another room when you need it.

Wooden Folding Chair

Folding chairs are the OG small-space seating, but we bet you didn't know they could be cute. Invest in a set of Urban Outfitters folding chairs ( $79 each ) to bring out for a tiny dinner party.

Leather Floor Pillow

Floor pillows are another seating option to use in a small space — a leather pillow from the Citizenry ( $350 ) takes the cake. Use them during your regular movie nights with friends or for spontaneous takeout dinners.

Moroccan Folding Bench

A Moroccan handira folding bench from MindaLiving ( $168 ) is too pretty to fold up and keep out of sight. But if space is tight, tuck this under an entryway table or behind the couch to pull out when you need it.

Industrial Stool

If your space is so tiny that your living room is also your dining room and office, we hear you. Get a vintage industrial stool from OddhausVintage ( $61.16 ) to use at your work station, and pull it over to the couch when you need an extra seat.

Wood and Leather Stool

This stool from Living Spaces ( $129 ) is the best piece to put in the corner that's not big enough for a chair, but could use the extra seat. Style it under a woven wall hanging in your bedroom.

Navy Floor Cushion

If you need seating you can move from room to room, consider floor cushions like this option from Land of Nod ( $59 ). They're super easy to pull in and out of a closet or from under a bench, and they're also machine-washable in case someone spills food.

Kilim Folding Stool

Having to find extra seating when you don't have tons of room doesn't have to be hard. Fold up this kilim rug stool from Urban Outfitters ( $129 ) when you don't need it, and bring it out when you do. Easy, right?

Fringed Floor Pillow

Check out this fringed floor pillow from Anthropologie ( $148 ). It's big enough to lounge comfortably on the floor, but also a good size to leave on your couch.

Indoor-Outdoor Stool

Looking for indoor-outdoor stools? Stack up mint green barstools from BizChair ( $34.99 each ) in the garage, and bring them into the living room or on the patio whenever you need seating.

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