One Look at This Spa-Like Bathroom Will Soothe Your Case of the Mondays

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This stunning hideaway designed by Laurel and Wolf should definitely be all the inspiration you need to give your own bathroom a stunning spa treatment. Everything about this space screams luxury, but in a quiet, soothing tone. A deep green accent wall featuring a small gallery infuses the look with a sophisticated, relaxing feel, as a pair of orchids and a tiny air plant weave hints of the verdant hue throughout the rest of the area. Meanwhile, a handful of wooden accents beautifully complement this nature-inspired aesthetic, adding a dose of warmth to the mix without sacrificing this room's simple, refreshing style. And as much as we need that organic reading tray in our relaxation routine, it's the wooden side table we love most of all. It's inviting, natural texture gives this sleek design a cool addition of character.

Bring some organic goods into your spa-inspired bathroom with this gorgeous table.

Live Edge Side Table ( $197 )

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