Say Hello to the Minimalist Room That Nailed the Inclusion of Patterns

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We're loving the gorgeous mix of chic style and cozy comfort in this bedroom shown by Kaekoo. But given that it's designed by one of our all-time favorites, Amber Lewis, its ultra-attractive look should come as no surprise. The white-dominant color palette and clean aesthetic let the patterned accessories steal the show, which is stunningly showcased by the hint of rug unfurled under the bed. Its vibrancy brings in a splash of bold shades that are perfectly balanced by the flooring and adjacent side table's soft wood finish. The two pieces of artwork on that nightstand also tie into the natural tones, and yet, their strongest point is that they also nod to the details in the rug, throw, and pillows. And while we're on the subject of those pillows, their rich hues and intricacies complete this space by complementing the surrounding textures and minimalist sconces with an inviting flair. In the end, it's a look that's as interesting as it is inviting.

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